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Frank's headquarters at Wawel castle

Film | Accession Number: 2016.519 | RG Number: RG-60.1416 | Film ID: 2980

Wawel Castle where Hans Frank set up residence after being named Governor General of the German-occupied (General Government) Polish territories in October 1939. LS and CU of Nazi flag waving from the castle. Pans of Wawel's open courtyard and a memorial statue of Nicolaus Copernicus. 01:04:32 Pan down stone sign for the Institut für Deutsche Ostarbeit (established at Krakow on April 20, 1940 as a German-dominated scientific and historical arm of the General Government of Poland to investigate race and nationality in Poland). A guard stands on duty in the courtyard. Nazi official and a civilian in a suit pose for the camera. Presumably the civilians are members of the staff of the institute. INTs of castle offices with staff secretaries and men at work at desks. A German official teases and kisses a laughing secretary. CU of official document envelope with a Nazi stamp. Another Nazi (he looks like Himmler but is not) and two women smile and pose for the camera. CU of fingers typing. A woman drinks from teacup. Nazi officials and a few women depart from Wawel Castle. Several officials, SS officer, and some secretaries stay behind in the courtyard and pose for portraits. One man is wearing a cap with a death's head insignia (01:07:01). INT official (possibly the chief of consular, Mr. Keith) on the telephone. Pan of the dark interior of the Wawel offices.

01:07:30 Hans Frank, the Governor-General of the occupied Polish territories, conducts a meeting on a balcony in Wawel, likely in May or July of 1940. Dr. Josef Friedrich Bühler, Frank's deputy-governor, and Frank review folders labeled "Treuhand" and "Vierjahresplan." 01:07:50 Richard Schalk, a Nazi official sent to the region in April 1940, speaks with Frank. One of the family dogs roams the balcony. CUs, Frank speaking.

Event:  April-July 1940
Krakow, Poland
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Niklas Frank and Erika Noebel
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:29
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