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Gardelegen atrocity; German civilians gather food; bombing of train yard

Film | Accession Number: 2013.130.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1425 | Film ID: 2984

(LIB 5724) "MURDER, INC.", Gardelegen, Germany, 16 April 1945. Slate indicating cameraman Bowen from the 405th Regiment (102nd Infantry Division). The Isenschnibbe estate. Scorched doorways. US soldiers set up tripod outside crematorium. A pile of bricks. 00:00:36 CU of an empty, open grave. SS guards were unable to bury all of the bodies before the 102nd Infantry arrived in Gardelegen. 00:00:46 A dead prisoner laying face-down outside crematorium. Two soldiers examine bodies pouring out of building. 00:02:10 Roll #I slate. Pile of charred bodies near the doorway of the crematorium. A larger pile of bodies visible inside. CUs, corpses. 00:02:34 Bonde Gazen, a Hungarian musician and survivor of the massacre, talks to a US soldier smoking a pipe (Photo Archive #81373). A church spire from Gardelegen in the distance. CUs of the survivor. Bonde Gazen explains how he escaped and points to objects outside the crematorium.

** On April 13, 1945, 1,016 prisoners evacuated from the Mittelbau-Dora satellite camp of Buchenwald were forced into a barn on the Issenschnibbe estate outside of Gardelegen. SS and auxiliary guards incinerated the building and shot all prisoners who attempted to escape the burning building. The 102nd Infantry Division discovered the massacre on April 14, 1945 before locals (who were ordered by SS troops) could destroy the evidence.**

00:03:15 (LIB 5725) CIVLIANS RETURN TO THEIR HOMES TO OBTAIN FOOD AND BELONGINGS, Osterath?, Germany, 16 April 1945. Slate showing cameraman R. Joyce in Osterich, Germany. Civilians with empty carts walk along road. A sign in English reads, "Slow down. Dangerous crossing." A woman with a cart follows a US soldier. 00:04:02 Woman loads food supplies from house into her cart. 00:04:23 "Civilians Getting Food" April 15, 1945 by cameraman Crossley of the 159th Infantry Regiment in Osterich, Germany. Crowd of civilians on street corner. The crowd breaks up and civilians run with empty carts. US soldiers oversee civilians gathering food. 00:05:32 A woman loads her cart outside her house. Rubble on the lawn. The cart tips over, and the woman has a difficult time lifting the cart back up.

00:06:25 (LIB 5726) ALLIED BOMBING IN HOF, GERMANY, 17 April 1945. Scenes of a destroyed train yard in Hof, Germany. Smoke, uprooted tracks, burned cars.

Event:  April 16-17, 1945
Gardelegen, Germany
Hof, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:12
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