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Ambassador to France visits Dachau; US soldiers at Himmler's summer home; POWs in Linz; Austro-Italian border; high-ranking military personnel meet at Augsburg

Film | Accession Number: 2013.130.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1427 | Film ID: 2984

(LIB 6480) AMBASSADOR TO FRANCE VISITS 7TH ARMY SECTOR, Dachau, Germany, 8 May 1945. Prisoners (still in their uniforms) and military personnel crowd around Ambassador Jefferson Caffrey wearing the black suit. Inmates watch tour of officials. 00:00:30 CUs of prisoners. 00:00:54 Prisoners salute and cheer for camera while holding up banners. Decorated camp gate after liberation. Caffrey talks to prisoners wearing arm bands and shakes hands. German helmet and broken rifle burning commemorates German defeat. Caffrey shakes hands and tours camp. Inspecting opened jet engines.

00:03:37 (LIB 6481) GIs SPEND DAY AT HIMMLER'S SUMMER HOME, Tegernsee, Germany, 8 May 1945. American troops relaxing at Heinrich Himmler's abandoned home near the Tegernsee Lake. US troops play ball on the lawn. A tank is parked directly in front of the house. A soldier carries a heavy bust of Hitler with him. Men pose with a bust of Hitler. 00:04:31 Soldiers relax inside and listen to Winston Churchill's speech on the radio. A poster of Himmler on the wall. 00:05:06 Men smoke and drink on the balcony and listen to the radio. CU, soldier listening to the speech.

00:05:52 (LIB 6482) PRISONERS OF WAR, Linz, Austria, 7 May 1945. A caravan of trucks and prisoners walking along road. LS, large campsite. A standing row of bruised and beaten SS officers. CUs, wounds.

00:08:11 (LIB 6488) 5th AND 7th ARMY MEET Reissa Pass Austro-Italian Border, 6 May 1945. Soldiers patrol a border blocked by traffic barriers. Soldiers on the road ahead run to meet them. They shake hands for the camera. Soldiers open and share a bottle of champagne.

00:09:18 (LIB 6484) SECRETARY OF WAR PATTERSON AT AUGSBURG, 8 May 1945. "Special VIPs" by cameraman Gerzen captures the meeting of several high-ranking military personnel. US Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson and Brigadier General Patrick H. Tansey exit airplane outside of Augsburg. Patterson and Tansey greet and shake hands with Major General Arthur A. White and Lieutenant General Alexander M. Patch. CUs of Patterson in civilian suit and Patch with sunglasses talking. Patterson and the generals depart in a military vehicle. 00:10:14 Patterson and generals arrive at a building in Augsburg. Soldiers salute.

Event:  May 6-8, 1945
Dachau, Germany
Linz, Austria
Augsburg, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:12
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