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Prewar Jewish life in Alsace-Lorraine; tourist views

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1468 | Film ID: 2987

June 8-15, 1927 in Ingwiller (the family stayed at the Hotel de la Gare in Alsace-Lorraine). Stone house in Ingwiller, France where August Levy grew up. Emilie and Robert play. Street life in the village - cow pulling a wagon with passengers moves along the town's main road passing "Epicerie et Mercerie" shop. 01:03:07 CUs of Levy relatives: Lucy Levy; Rachel Meis, half-sister of Henry Meis (who brought August Levy to Cincinnati in 1892), and August; Henry Meis (1857-) with Lucy Levy; another relative (woman) with Clara Levy; Henry Meis with Lucy Levy again, followed by Rachel Meis; Clara Levy with Henry Meis, Emilie Jane, and Robert; 01:04:09 Henry's companion, Howard Landon (1874-) with Emilie Jane, Robert, and a dog. 01:04:23 The store of Salomon Levy, with Salomon and his wife Mina in the doorway (both were killed by the Nazis in July 1944). Street scene. 01:04:48 Synagogue in Ingwiller (Henry Meis was a big contributor and supporter of the synagogue. Carl revisited the synagogue during the war in 1944.). The visiting Americans pose on the steps of the synagogue. Children play in the doorway of a shop. Man walks on a cobbled street in Ingwiller(?). Lucy Levy and others in the street before the "Emile Bronner Printre" shop.

Street scenes in Alsace region (maybe Ettendorf or Hochfelden). Farmer. Changing a tire on the way from Hochfelden back to Ingwiller. Robert Levy on the dirt road. 01:06:09 Street scenes in an Alsatian town (maybe Ettendorf or Hochfelden). MS, the home in Hochfelden, Germany where August Levy was born in 1875; family poses near the doorway. Cow. Levy family on a narrow street in an Alsatian town (probably Hochfelden).

01:07:16 June 15- 18, 1927. Laundry hanging along a canal/river in Strasbourg(?). Several tourist shots of Strasbourg where August Levy went to school ("Dad wanted to show us all the places of his youth"). Illegible sign. Children in gardens. 01:08:22 The Palace of the Rhine (formerly the Palace of the Kaiser) in Strasbourg. Children at play at the base of a monument. "Litteris et Patriae" on the University Palace building of the University of Strasbourg. 01:09:22 LS, Boat on the Rhine River. 01:09:44 Glimpse of Ingwiller with Clara, Rachel Meis, and Emilie Jane, and a brief street scene of women and children in the town. 01:09:55 Back in Strasbourg, tram, street scenes. LS, Levy women across the street in front of a statue, pan of large domed building. Family with bearded tour-guide. "H. Tietz & Co" shop behind a fountain. 01:11:30 Emilie in the doorway of the school where August Levy went. 01:11:36 Clara Levy and the canals of Strasbourg. CU, tour-guide. More sights and streets in Strasbourg. 01:13:31 Strasbourg Cathedral. Canals. 01:14:18 Outdoor restaurant, café tables with umbrellas. Overview shot of café and pedestrians. 01:15:09 LS, family members before an arched-marble statue ending with August with Emilie walking towards the camera. More tourist shots of unidentified buildings and other sights (unknown location).

Event:  June 8-18, 1927
Ingwiller, France
Hochfelden, Germany
Alsace region, France
Strasbourg, France
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Carl Henry Levy
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:00:42
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