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Hungarian officials tour Hajduhadhaz labor camp

Film | Accession Number: 2013.519 | RG Number: RG-60.1478 | Film ID: 3900

Andras Galambos and fellow laborer Ladislaus Radnai documented their Jewish forced labor battalion's efforts with still and motion picture cameras. This film shows an official visit of politicians and military officers to Hajduhadhaz labor camp, likely for an exhibition of the laborers' photographs. Several high-ranking officials are probably pictured, including Defense Minister Karoly Beregffy, General Geza Lakatos, and politician Lajos Szasz.

Cars approaching Hajduhadhaz labor camp on a country road. Small railcar with Hungarian flags and personnel. Official exits car. Men in uniforms and civilian clothes shake hands and salute. 01:00:40 "Stein Hozott!" flowered banner. Officials tour camp. Jewish forced laborers with armbands continue to work building fortifications in preparation for the impending Soviet invasion. CUs Hungarian flags waving and building decorated for official visit of politicians and military officers in 1944. Group continues tour of camp. 01:01:12 CUs of two officials talking, possibly Minister of Defense Karoly Beregffy in the military uniform on the right. Laborers digging in BG. Filming from horse-drawn carriage, watch tower with flag in the distance along the dirt road. Officials congregate near watch tower. Windy day. Officials load into cars and drive away in the barren landscape. 01:03:03 Barracks and camp grounds. Officials inspect construction site, illegible sign. Tents decorated for official visit beside a church and huge flag. Quick view of laborers in white uniforms (waiters and waitress?) looking at the camera. LS, official cars depart. Hungarian flags.

Film Collection Title
Andras Galambos Collection
Event:  Summer 1944
Hajduhadhaz, Hungary
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of the Gerrard Family
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:00
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