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Visiting England

Film | Accession Number: 2013.517 | RG Number: RG-60.1480 | Film ID: 2998

REEL 1 (personally shot or purchased?) LS of a moving train from different angles. Train tracks. Train passes a station. Sheep graze on a hill and run. Sign for "Malvern Theatre / George Arliss / The Iron Duke..." (a 1934 British film) on a brick building. [Malvern Hills is in the West Midlands of England] 01:05:45 Airplane stunts. Aerial shots of the city and countryside. Man stands on the wing of the plane, and jumps off, ejecting a parachute and falling through the air. 01:07:58 Waterfall pouring into a river, rapids. 01:08:27 Slate, "Craven Hunt. Point-to-Point." Men on horseback race and jump. Crowd watches the horserace. 01:08:55 Trains pull into station, seen from different angles. In town, lanterns/jugs hang from lines, bridge (over canal?). Man and dog in a garden with a brick wall. Same man walks across a bridge. Man pushes a wheelbarrow through a village street. Small British flags hang between homes. A dog stands on top of the full cart, it barks. Soldiers on horseback pulling wagons through a street.

01:10:19 At the zoo, a bear in a cage. Cheetah walks back and forth behind the iron bars of its cage. Tiger, penguins, flamingoes, polar bear. Intertitle: "George." Cat looks into the camera. Dog and cat pose. Cat runs toward camera. Intertitle: "George & Jimmy's Kitten." Kitten moves toward camera. Two cats and the kitten. Dog swims. Intertitle: "Whiskey." A chain is dangled in front of a black cat, and the cat plays with it. Dogs run outdoors. A woman sits in the BG encouraging them. Sign: "Broncho." A bigger dog plays with the other dogs. CU, dog barking and panting. 01:13:10 Tennis match between two men. Crowd watches from bleachers and chairs. The ball goes back and forth. Women play tennis. Athletes play, including 1934 Wimbledon champion Fred Perry.

Event:  1934?
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Paul Gidaly
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:42:42
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