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Isenberg family visits relatives in Gilserberg; cemetery; synagogue

Film | Accession Number: 2013.215.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1484 | Film ID: 3902

Man riding bicycle through town, past stacks of timber. Horse-drawn wagon. More logs and pan of houses. 01:16:00 "Jakob Stern" sign on a house [see notes about Stern family], men on wagon. Mailman closes door to truck. Man walks down street with a cane. Muddy trail in a field. 01:16:52 Cemetery - gravestones with Hebrew inscriptions - family names: Stern, Marx, Isenberg, Stahl. Family rides in a horse-drawn wagon in town. Jacob and Sophie Stern and family pose in front of the Stern house. Sigmund, Rosa, Julie, unknown women, and Isenberg family work on a farm. Sigmund leads oxen. 01:19:15 Man with cigar carries an animal hide up stairs and to a door. Boy plays with a ball. Group gathers and proceeds on the town's main street. Sheep graze in village. 01:20:18 Nice CUs of Julie and women at work. 01:20:35 Sophie Stern and her sister walk with Julie in the street, bundled in warm jackets. Automobile, Erna and family members walk in the street. 01:21:44 Quick INT, group dining - man cuts meat, bottle on the table. Sheared sheep herded through town. Norbert, Erna, Julie, Rosa, and other family members in alley, piles of wood. 01:22:23 Good shot of Sally Isenberg walking towards camera. A group, including Sophie and Sigmund Stern, sits in chairs in a circle outside a home. Erna, Sigmund, Rosa, and others walk down a dirt road, Sigmund Stern playfully shoves Sigmund Isenberg. Motorcycle and traffic. Pan of town, Norbert approaches camera, chicken, boys playing, including Hans Stern and his second cousin Helmut. Julie, Nathan Stahl, Erna, Hildegard Stahl Loeb, Rosa, Sigmund, and the boys walking in the street and a field. They (with Rickchen Stahl) take a rest and converse. 01:26:01 Back in town, large family gathering and views of the synagogue in Gilserberg. Erna and Nathan walking along a country road. Young boys walk, including Hans and Helmut Stern, and play with string, soccer game. Two teen-aged boys drag a tree through the town street. Rosa and another fashionably-dressed walk by. Women and Julie walk by - Julie clutches a handkerchief to her face not wanting to be filmed. Family members crowd in the street beside Mercedes with IY-23340 license plate, CUs. 01:29:17 Sigmund Stern in light-colored suit. 01:29:20 [VQ shifts to poor] INT, man with suspenders and mustache eats at a table, joined by others.

Event:  1928-1931
Gilserberg, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Mark Isenberg
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:42:43
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