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Forced labor battalion in Lakatnik, Bulgaria, Summer 1941

Film | Accession Number: 2015.360.2 | RG Number: RG-60.1560 | Film ID: 4115

Jewish forced laborers as part of the Bulgarian Army, First (Jewish) Labor Battalion, 4th Construction Company carry heavy buckets and receive food rations in Lakatnik, near Gara Bov, 40km northeast of Sofia, Bulgaria. They wear standard labor soldier's uniforms and hats. The laborers eat in a mountainous region by a river. 01:00:41 VAR shots, tools (shovels and axes) are distributed and the men march off to work. 01:01:28 Two Bulgarian officers review drawings and survey the land. Laborers build in the mountains according to the plans. Barely-dressed men at work, digging and clearing area with wheelbarrows. 01:03:09 Bulgarian military leader blows whistle for a break; the laborers rest and smoke. Military leader barks orders. Pan, LS of Jewish laborers. 01:05:00 MS, bare-shirted men at work and breaking for a meal. 01:05:39 A horse-drawn carriage proceeds under a sign in Bulgarian for the First (Jewish) Labor Battalion, 4th Construction Company and across a bridge. Large group of workers unload lunch from the cart and eat. 01:06:07 The Jewish laborers bathe in the river and bask in the sun. 01:06:26 Other types of labor, including iron-workers and machinery, a woodshop, and chopping wood. 01:07:09 WS, laborers on mountainside in Bulgaria. The forced workers move large pieces of rock and operate a large drill. CUs of the engine used to detonate rock. 01:08:25 Side view of a man smoking a pipe and waving his cap. 01:08:35 Back at the camp, an acrobatic family performs for the laborers on Family Day, when visitors were allowed to the camp. The men applaud; some play musical instruments. A couple does a traditional dance.

Event:  Summer 1941
Sofia, Bulgaria
Lakatnik, Bulgaria
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Salvator Haim
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:25
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