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Jewish family and vacation life in Reichenbach

Film | Accession Number: 2015.252 | RG Number: RG-60.1740 | Film ID: 4134

Pan, city square with shops: "Gustav Böhm", possibly Wroclaw. Snowing. Clocktower (12:28pm). End 01:00:24

01:00:29 Side view, a woman walks towards the camera with a boy (possibly Helene Fleischer and grandchild Johannes) passing their home in the mountains. Snow. 01:01:07 INT, Else Weyl in a patterned shirt looking at a catalog. [VQ: film is scratched]. She smiles and waves for the camera. 01:01:18 INT, Eric Weyl reading a magazine in the same room, he lights a cigarette. End 01:01:28

01:01:32 Two men and a woman stand around an automobile with license plate "IK-78126 - D". The man with sunglasses is Eric Weyl; the couple may be Max and Hilla Hildebrandt. They operate a jack to fix a flat tire. Others watch from the road side. 01:01:55 A man, possibly Salo Schindler (an uncle of Peter Weyl), lounges in a chair outdoors. A different view of the Mercedes. Outside, a group of adults gather and dine, including Else Fleischer Weyl. 01:02:30 The man (Willi Fleisher?) and a boy (Peter Weyl? or Johannes?) hike. "Tannen-Baude" restaurant (maybe in Bronsdorf). The adults lounge on a grassy hill, reading. End 01:03:00

01:03:05 Woman (Else Fleischer Weyl?) dresses at the beach, possibly in the Friesian Islands where the family vacationed every summer. Pan, ship at sea with Weimar Republic flag. MS, pan of another ship with Soviet flag. End 01:04:19

01:04:20 Mountains. The group (one man and four women) dressed for winter exits a restaurant/café and climb into an automobile, perhaps on some driving tour. The standing man carries binoculars. Two local children observe the tourists. Another view of the mountains. End 01:06:06

01:06:12 INTs, a young girl selects toys from a table filled with items (and a decorated gingerbread house) during Christmas, probably in 1928. An older man (grandfather?) explains the toys to the children. EXT, LS, mountains. End 01:07:48

01:07:53 Toddler girl, Doris Weyl Pickwick, walks, crawls, plays in the garden of the family home in Reichenbach, Poland at Adama Mickiwicza 9 (the house still exists). Sandbox. Doris walks towards her smiling mother, Else Fleischer Weyl. Very brief shot of Doris, her brother Peter Weyl, and mother Else. End 01:08:52

Event:  circa 1928-1929
Reichenbach, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Ruth Geall
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:18
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