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Suwalki street scenes, orphanage, and cemetery

Film | Accession Number: 2015.253 | RG Number: RG-60.1763 | Film ID: 4130

Lottie Bland at the Suwalki cemetery. Ritual washing house [Taharah] by the entrance of the cemetery, plaque on wall with Biblical verses recited during the ritual washing, the washing table. Locals gather around the Bland family's car. Zlotke poses for the camera with a family member. Scenes on Kasciuszko Street, crowds. Suwalki city hall. A man collecting for the Talmud Torah. Harold pumps water at a well while his father Herman helps him. Two peasant women with a cart. Dr. Erdreich's apothecary store on Kosciuszko Street. Women wash clothes on a canal off of the Czarna Hancza River. Scenes of Make Ratsk, the poor section of town.

01:07:17 At the orphanage for the poor [Bet Yetomin], Lottie holds an orphan boy the Blands considered adopting but did not. 01:08:05 Orphanage administrators include Mr. Motzman (left), and Mrs. Ivry (far right). The orphans sing, the orphan boy stands in front of his peers and sings. Dancing the Hora. Children and staff eat a meal donated by the Blands. Buildings in Suwalki, including the Bas-Midrash with Star of David in the window.

01:16:03 Home for the Jewish Aged in Suwalki. The elderly exit building. Harold and Herman stand outside the Bikur Holim/Linas HaTzedek. A group of prominent members of the Jewish community of Suwalki, including Mordechai Weisberg, property owner and president of the Bicher Holim, Mr. Eilender, lumber merchant and member of the Jewish Council, and Mr. Gladstein, the watchmaker, stand outside the building. Desecrated grave erected a few days previously in Suwalki cemetery by the Blands. Grave stones for Lipsky, Zemansky, Grodzinsky, and Alexander Abramsky (who's uncle lived in Chicago at the time).

Event:  Summer 1937
Suwalki, Poland
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Harold Bland
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:24
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