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Gmina Żydowska we Wrocławiu (Sygn.105)

Document | Accession Number: 2012.277 | RG Number: RG-15.244

Contains records of the Jewish Community in Wrocław from 1796-1944 (Gmina Żydowska we Wrocławiu). Includes Board minutes,1922-1939; Board correspondence with offices,1796-1939, communities and Jewish associations as well as private individuals, including correspondence concerning the protection of refugees from Russia, Romania, Galicia, the Grand Duchy of Poland, 1867-1874, 1892-1907, 1914-1930; documentation on preparations to the Third Convention of the Association of German Jews in 1909, the District Association of Jewish Communities in Prussia in Breslau,1926-1933; correspondence with the German Association of Jewish Communities, 1914-1924, correspondence concerning emigration, 1934-1939; lists of the “Stamm-Numeranten” (Breslau protected Jews) and community members, [1792] 1814-1847, 1933; documentation concerning elections to the community leadership, 1828-1900, 1925-1930; communal investments as purchases, lease and maintenance of property; files of commissions operating at the community Board, including: the Religious Commission,1839-1924, documentation related to the appointment of Rabbis, 1823-1843, 1882-1894, matters related to synagogues; the Commission to Help the Poor 1851-1899; personal files of community staff and community offices, 1872-1942; foundations, legacies, last wills in a favor of the community, hospital, schools and the like, 1789-1790, 1813-1919; documents related to marriages, 1868-1869, 1891-1930; materials on genealogy,1832-1903-1937; files of the community hospital, 1818-1942, including: minutes of the sessions of the hospital management, 1864-1888, correspondence of the hospital management, 1818-1884, the files of the hospital staff 1916-1942, lists of and documentation of the patients, 1832-1840, 1881-1938, administration and finances of the community, 1801-1811, 1831-1856, 1923-1926; finances and expenses, 1863, 1893-1910: correspondence concerning finances, 1814-1873, and banks, 1925-1930, concerning insurance, 1901-1935, lists of the community tax payers and lists of debtors, 1866-1881, 1902-1932, lists of people obtaining relief, reports concerning community property, 1930-1936, files concerning sales of the estate, 1939-1940; documentation of the self-help (mutual help) associations, 1924-1936; list of objects confiscated by the Nazis, 1942; files of the community library, 1901-1902, 1910-1923, 1931-1933 (protocols of library commission, a record of borrowed books, etc.); lists of the files of the community archive, about 1833, 1928-1936, files of various organizations, including: the Association of Jewish Maidens 1841-1917, the Jewish Orphanage, 1827-1906, the Society of Jewish Women, 1824-1846, 1930-1941, the Gesellschaft des Brueder ( Society of Brothers), 1816-1893, the Israelische Gesellschaft der Freunde (Israeli Society of Friends); a list of holdings of the Jewish Museum in Wrocław of 1933; the Israelitische Kranken-Verpflegungs-Anstalt (Israeli Facility for Healthcare]) and Chewra Kadysza, 1830-1834, 1846-1895; Statutes: 1897, 1907-1926; documentation concerning funerals,1842-1931; and the Jüdische Theologische Seminar zu Breslau und Fränckelsche Stiftung (Jewish Theological Seminary in Breslau and the Fränkel Foundation) set up at the initiative of Rabbi Abraham Geiger in 1854 and financed by the Jonas Fränkel Foundation (454 Jews graduated from the seminary through 1903).

Alternate Title
Jewish community in Wrocław
Synagogen Gemeinde zu Breslau
inclusive:  1796-1944
bulk:  1852-1944
320,799 digital images : PDF ; 154 GB.
Credit Line
Forms part of the Claims Conference International Holocaust Documentation Archive at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. This archive consists of documentation whose reproduction and/or acquisition was made possible with funding from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 17:53:50
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