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Paul Vaderlind collection

Document | Accession Number: 2002.251.1

The collection consists of two documents related to the Holocaust experiences of Janeta Gościcki (born Janeta Wulkan), originally of Ostrowsko, Poland. The first document is a forged identification card (Kennkarte) of Janeta’s issued on 15 October 1942 in the name of Helena Kochanowicz. The document states that she was born on 7 March 1914 in Wegierka, near Jaroslaw in the Lvov district and that she was a bookkeeper by profession. The document shows four different addresses under which the bearer was registered. The second document is a letter, dated 21 May 1944, written by Janeta’s second husband, Tadeusz Gościcki, to her while in hiding in Warsaw. The letter was written while he was imprisoned in Auschwitz, but not actually received by Janeta until 1992. The letter was dictated by Tadeusz and written by fellow prisoner Mieczyslaw Kulesza and addressed to Helena Gościcka, residing on 5 Pius Street, apt. 5 in Warsaw.

Translation of letter:
“Nusienko, my only treasure! Unfortunately I didn’t receive your answer to my last letter. I thank you for your tender account of the short life of our little son. His death was a severe blow to me. God only knows what you have been through. You are right, you are as if made of iron. Please do not write any more that we should exchange places – you here and me there – since you are stronger then me. Never. Even though sometimes I write to you in a very sad mood, it is only because of my great, boundless longing for you. It will continue wherever I will be. I am strong but I cannot change my heart, my love and the longing for you. You became my most cherished idol and you will remain it until my last breath. Till the end of my life you will remain my dream and you will always be the indescribable thing for me. It seems to me that you are on a much higher moral level then I. What a paradox – you are working so hard and I cannot do it here. Will it be possible for me to ever repaying you the great debt of gratitude that I have? I hope it will be under different circumstances then the present ones. Oh, my love for you leaves my unconscious. Belatedly I send you my most heartfelt good wishes for your name day. Do you remember last year? Do you think of the roses? Today I cannot give you anything. In a few days it will be our first anniversary. Oh God, how happy we were! Every day is your name day for us. Each night a sweet memory. I thank you, darling, for the second picture, but it is not yet expressive enough. Please send me a better one. I get all the packages from you and they are fine. Write a lot! Nusiu, come closer to me and whisper to me again that only death can separate us. I kiss you, my beloved wife and I lock you into my heart.
Yours always, Tadeusz”

“Dear Father!
Thank you for your compassion for my wife and your help in arranging a funeral for our little son. Should I return, I will thank you personally.
Greetings to you,
Dated: May 21, 1944; location: Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland; in German

creation:  1942 October 15-1944 May 21
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