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German invasion eastwards; Soviet POWs

Film | RG Number: RG-60.6984 | Film ID: 4357

Soundtrack starts with fanfare for Eastern Front reports on Deutsche Wochenshau issues.
Map, narrator: “gegen die Barbarei”. Attack, night and day. "Zollamt" Border barrier removed. Tearing down high wooden fencing.
01:02:15 KAUNUS Advance toward Kovno. 01:02:20 LIETOVOS RESPUBLIKA “Litauische Grenze” [Lithuanian border] Sharpshooters defending. House to house fighting. Flamethrowers. Burning building. German soldiers with flamethrower. Medics carry stretcher. First prisoners. Dazed men taken from building.
01:04:01 “Gefangene Bolschewisten” [Bolshevik prisoners] Crossing pontoon bridge. Bicycles. Rifles seen against water. Rail lines. Artillery fired from railway lines. Advance of vehicles and infantry. 01:05:27 Tanks along railway lines.
01:05:53 On Soviet Russian soil - “als das deutsche Soldat das wahre Paradies kennenlernt” [as the German soldier gets to know ‘the true paradise’] 01:06:20 Heavy artillery, various scenes. Border. Crossing. Pioneers repairing bridge.Tank track.
01:07:43 Soviet prisoners cross bridge, hands up. Long lines of Soviet POWs, along rail tracks, some barefooted or without pants. 01:08:57 Luftwaffe. Loading shells, tanks on the move, hauling rockets. Loading bombs, planes, in the clouds. Air-to-air shots of bombers. Air-to-ground shots, strike after strike on Soviet territory. (Well-known Third Reich theme music of Eastern front -- Beethoven). Luftwafffe fleet in the air. UFA

Event Date
1941 June 22
Kaunas, Lithuania
Soviet Union
US Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of the University of Texas Libraries
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