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Farming activities; Nazi supporters parade in small German village

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1929 | Film ID: 4226

Tall wheat blowing in the wind. Field of flowers. Women in traditional dresses tend to crops, farming, tractor. Man uses a wrench to fix a wheel. Farmers cut away at the wheat. Horses pull grain drills across the field. Woman and young boy in the field. The farmers pile hay on top of wagons. Repairs. Shot from inside a moving car of the fields as the end of day sun peaks through the clouds above.

01:02:52 Children raise a pole decorated in garland. Young boys and a dog. Girl stares at the camera. People walk in a line through the village, past the garland-wrapped pole. Nazi flag. Group of men march through town led by a man in uniform. The girls carry a pennant with the letter “N”. A German officer stands in front of a table with a small podium emblazoned with a swastika. Crowd has gathered in town to watch. Some children play, others sit along the wall. 01:05:21 Boys in uniform hold a Nazi flag, they march (Hitlerjugend?), followed by girls, younger children, a small marching band, and the men. They parade onto a field. Children run and play. Girls chat on a bench. Potato sack race - boys jump up and down in burlap sacks. Mothers watch. 01:07:02 Nazi hands books out to young boys in uniform, one with the red patch of a single lightning bolt on his left sleeve. The potato sack races continue with younger boys. Man holds up a rifle. Girls dance in the grass. Boys race, wrestle each other. Child swings a stick while blindfolded.

01:08:22 Building, swaying fields of grain, dog, wild flowers. Three oxen pull a cart full of hay. Mule pulls a grain drill. More farmers, crops, ponies. Man bandages a horse’s leg at the ankle. Ducks, cows. Horses pull men on carts cutting grain, farming. Young girl smiles for the camera. Bundles of hay. Woman pins a red ribbon to a shoulder of a girl. “Agfa 1941”

Event:  1941?
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of the University of Texas Libraries
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:12:52
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