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Speeches at the 1933 harvest festival in Bueckeberg (Part 2)

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1928 | Film ID: 4225

Title: "Deutscher Erntedanktag 1933 auf dem Bückeberg bei Hameln” “II. Teil.” Nazi flags, officers. “Auf dem Bückeberg.” An enormous crowd gathered on the hill to observe parade of military. Nazi flags on tall poles. Band waiting to march. Soldiers lounge in the grass. Cavalrymen approach their horses. 01:02:32 Intertitle: “Ankunft der Diplomaten.” Train carrying German diplomats. The side of the train reads, “MITROPA.” The diplomats, dressed in fine clothing, walk away from the train. 01:03:53 Intertitle: “Die Ehrengäste und Ab-ordnungen der Bauern-schaft begeben sich zur Festtribüne.” Guests of farms and peasants go to the festivities. The march begins and soldiers carry flags, people saluting on either side. Women adorned in elaborate traditional dresses and headpieces. 01:06:21 Intertitle: “Malerische Volkstrachten aus allen Teilen des Reiches.” More women in traditional German folk outfits. Their round headpieces are covered in small beads. Audience. A model of the Reichsadler with “Schlageter”; “NSDAP”; Nazi flag: “DEUSTCHLAND ERWAKE” [Germany Awaken]. 01:08:35 “Der Führer schreitet die Front der Ehren-kompagnie der Reichswehr ab.” Hitler walks in front of the Reichswehr’s honorary company. The Führer salutes Nazi officers. The crowd raises arms in salute. Hitler continues walking through the crowd. 01:10:07 Heinrich Himmler walks alongside Hitler. Hitler begins to walk up the steps followed by a crowd of Nazi officers. 01:11:01 Intertitle: “Der reichskanzler begrüsst die Vertreter der auswärtigen Mächte.” Hitler greets the representatives of foreign powers. Intertitle: “Die Nacht sinkt herein” Night has fallen as Hitler takes the stage. Intertitle: “Ansprache des Reichsministers Darré.” Reich Minister of Food and Agriculture, Richard Darré steps up to the podium and gives a speech. Hitler stands to the left. At the end of Darré’s speech, everyone salutesl. 01:13:18 Intertitle: “Adolf Hitlers große Rede.” Hitler begins his speech, with two hands on the podium. Intertitle: “Der erste und tiefste Repräsentant des volkes aber ist jener Teil der aus der Fruchtbarkeit der Erde die Menschen nährt, und aus der Fruchtbarkeit seiner Familie die Nation forterhält.” Hitler finishes the speech, the flagbearers raise Nazi flags, and everyone salutes. “ENDE”

Production:  1933
Censor:  1933 November 10
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of the University of Texas Libraries
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:51:08
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