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Victory parade; Hitler

Film | RG Number: RG-60.6985 | Film ID: 4358

“Das ganze deutsche Volk dankt dem Führer für den glänzendsten Sieg der Geschichte. Die Fahrt von der Front zurück nach der Reichshauptstadt wurde zu einem wahren Triumphzug.” [The entire German people thank the Fuehrer for the most glorious victory in history. The journey from the front back to the capitol city became a true victory parade.]

Pretty young woman hands Adolf Hitler a basket during a train stop. Hitler Youth boy does the same. Train passes. Marbach/Neckar sign. Passing through. Hitler’s train on the move. Crowds waving, flowers… Hiitler at train window. Shaking hands out the window. Profile Adolf Hitler looking out window at crowds. Good scenes to 01:03:00.

01:03:06 “Ganz Berlin” [All of Berlin] Anhalter Bahnhof. Hitler Youth girls laying flowers across vast space. Crowds running through street, banners. Different angles. Uniformed men holding people back. Trumpets. HAS as armored train pulls in. Hitler and Goering greeted at Anhalter station. “Feierliches Glocken…” Bells peal in celebration. March past in street.

01:07:24 CU, women cheering. Hitler standing in car on the move, past buildings, confetti. Long pan of crowds and SA men, cheering, shot from moving vehicle. Pan continues to Hitler and many cars. License # 1A 148461.

US Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of the University of Texas Libraries
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