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Dr. A. Howard and Lucille Shanberg visit family in Poland and Belarus in 1929

Film | Accession Number: 2018.531 | RG Number: RG-60.1818 | Film ID: 4171

Town Hall in Białystok in Poland, a commercial district. Woman and young girl on a narrow street as an older woman and man approach along the side of the left building. Horse drawn cart carrying a man and barrels moves through town. Pans right on the town and a row of houses on a tree-lined street. A lake with with floating wood rafts.

01:00:27 CU of four women and one man all smiling and waving to the camera, perhaps in Swislocz, Belarus. Behind them is a wooden structure and the lake with wood rafts. Cows walking. WS of the cows and the man walking into a town. House and trees surrounded by a picket fence.

01:00:50 Two women and one man look at the camera in Jalowka, Poland? Lucille Huttner Shanberg on the left is fixing a white scarf around her head, as the man in the middle, Avram Hershel Cemnik (Abram Tsemnik, Abram Schamberg) removes his hat. Woman on the right holds an umbrella against her shoulder.

01:01:00 One woman and two men stand in front of a doorway as one older woman stands in the BG. Dr. A. Howard Shanberg, in the center, gestures with his hat in hand while speaking to the cameraman. Man smiles and waves while leaning on a windowsill next to a vase of flowers.

01:01:05 Lucille, Avram, and the woman with the umbrella stand together again. The women smile as Lucille raises and lowers Avram’s cane. Avram waves his hat back and forth. WS of men and younger boys walking along a residential street.

01:01:19 Lucille, Edwin (Dr. Howard’s son), a woman (Chava Caplan Bat David, Avram’s wife?), and Avram stand on the side of a house. Avram waves around his cane. New shot of the same men and women posing on the side of a building with four arched windows. Avram waves his cane in circles and Lucille waves to the camera.

01:01:26 Avram, Chava?, Dr. Howard, and Edwin? open a gate as Dr. Howard speaks, looking towards the camera. Jalowka Cemetery. Avram stands by a tomb with a Hebrew inscription while waving to the camera. A wooden building with a pile of lumber. Church steeple juts out above a dense growth of trees. People and horses stand below. Avram stands on a porch amongst three other men, four women, and a baby. Pans left to a bearded man in the window, the woman next to him only partially visible. White archway with a mule-drawn cart moving through. Lucille, a woman and Avram sit in the cart. Lucille playfully pats her behind.

01:01:56 CU of Avram on a porch with two younger boys and three women walking towards the camera. The two boys on the ends remove their hats. WS of same people shows two boys on the left and a woman waving a cloth out of the window on the right. Horse-drawn carriages decorated with foliage bring a large group of people along a cobblestone street. White obelisk in a town center. CU of three men, two women, and a young girl in front of a brick wall. A woman standing in a doorway with a man sitting on the steps below. View from the street of a three story building with balconies.

01:02:39 Four women and two men look at the camera, three of the women wave. Sign in back “Krawiec Meski A-Rubinsztein”. WS of Berlin Cathedral. Brandenburg Gate with cars and a bus driving through.

Film Collection Title
Shanberg Collection
Event:  1929
Jalowka, Poland
Swislocz, Belarus
Berlin, Germany
Bialystok, Poland
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Brock Shamberg
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:43
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