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Swimming; family takes a train in June 1940

Film | Accession Number: 2002.175.4 | RG Number: RG-60.1821 | Film ID: 4164

Eva is slightly older now, her hair in braids, she walks towards the camera with her mother Lilly and another young boy holding her hand. They play with a small terrier dog. The dog runs through a field. Large building. A girl jumps over a rope. Others practice handstands, backbends and cartwheels on the grass. The group picks up the little girl with braids.

01:02:37 Intertitle “Svábhegy 1940. Julius~ augusztus.” (film slightly damaged) Toy sailboat in water. People go down a water slide. Eva cries, and then relaxes on a float with a young boy. Everyone plays in the water. CU of Eva sticking her tongue out at the camera. More revelry in the water. A woman is towed on a board behind a boat (wakeboarding). CU of Eva wearing a swim cap. More shots of the woman wakeboarding. Eva eats an apple while a woman playfully attempts to grab it from her. Children climb up a hill while holding sticks. The little girl plays with the stick and dog.

01:09:05 Intertitle “Kovácspataki Kirándulás 1940 jun. 9.” The little girl and an older woman waving outside the window of a moving train. A soldier stands on a train platform. A woman fixes the sock of a man (both seen in earlier films on Film ID 4162 and 4163). A sign reads Kovácspatak. The family walks along a trail through the woods. They all sit around a table outside, eating and drinking. Eva wears plastic goggles and eats cherries. CU of a man laying on the grass, sleeping with his head in the shade of a small umbrella. The children play around in the grass. Two boys wrestle. The little girl kisses a little boy on the cheek. Bird eating on balcony. CU of Eva writing something. She and the older woman walk hand in hand, Eva carries the toy sailboat. They select fruit and put them in a paper bag.

01:17:08 Swimming pool. The younger sister helps Eva with her clothes. The older women and a man lounge in pool chairs. They swim. The family eats around an outdoor table. A waiter brings food. Kodak Safety Film logo.

Event:  June 1940
Svabhegy, Hungary
Kovacspatak, Hungary
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of James Vogel
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:15:00
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