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Family explores Northern Slovakia

Film | Accession Number: 2014.392.2 | RG Number: RG-60.1835 | Film ID: 4174

The Brust family visit Slovakia from their home in Budapest. A man with a cane walks on uneven terrain (some damage to film). Emblem in concentric circles on the front pediment area of a building roof. Camera pans right, showing trees and the mountains behind. A waterfall flows. 00:00:39 pans left to show a man sitting in front of a larger waterfall. He smiles and poses for the camera. CU of water rushing down the river. More views of the river, the waterfall, and the rushing water. 00:01:12 A woman and the man with the cane attempt to step down a rocky path away from the river. River and the waterfall. A bridge stretches across the river, and four people walk across it. They then climb on top a rocky hill.Pan left to the waterfall, and even further to a smaller waterfall. More of the waterfall, rocks, and the river.

00:02:14 “Oh feledhetetlen Dunajec”. Men unload bundles from a wooden raft on the side of the Dunajec River, which runs through the north of Slovakia and the south of Poland. Two other men sit in a traditional wooden raft and two men stand on the dock next to them. A dog and two other men and Lilly get on the raft. 00:02:37 CU of a man. Views of the Dunajec River and the Penny Mountains alongside the river. Many different shots of the river and surrounding mountains from the raft. KODAK SAFETY FILM logo

00:03:29 A man is fly-fishing knee-deep in the water. Another man wades in the water with a fishing rod. More of the river, and the camera tilts up to show the trees on the mountains above. On a road on the side of the river, a horse pulls a wagon with a man. Road, river, mountains. Man sits in front of the camera, the long wooden pole juts out on the side of the raft for pushing it along.

00:04:58 The man and woman exit the raft, climbing up the river bank. The man holds a plaid blanket under his left arm. Ttwo other rafts float down the river. The raft guides use the long poles to propel the raft down the river. Pans right on the riverbank, showing a small shack. A different part of the river from the side. Two men and a woman stand along the fence, looking out at the river. Pans right on the trees. One of the men standing along the fence swings his cane. A man paints a landscape canvas painting of his view of the river. He looks back towards the camera twice and smiles. Multiple buildings partially covered by trees on the river bank. Two people walk through the woods.

00:07:09 The woman and man help another man (older brother?) as he walks with two canes, jokingly sticking out his tongue. Camera tilts down on his feet as he steps over a large rock. Brief shot of the hilltops, dotted by just a few buildings. The two men now walk up by themselves, wiping their faces with handkerchiefs. They stop to sit down. 00:08:05 “De nehéz az elef!!!” The man slowly lowers himself to the rock, and then stands up again, grabbing the other man by the arm. People walk on the path. The man walks by himself along the trail without support or canes, grabbing on the rocks for balance. His wife follows behind. Trees. KODAK SAFETY FILM logo.

00:09:27 Four women walk up the stairs from a dock.The friends talk. One perches on top of a traditional wooden raft. Gently moving river, and the mountains above, and power lines.

00:09:58 “Grand Hotel” Façade of the Grand Hotel in Stary Smokovec, Vysoké Tatry, in northern Slovakia. They are in the front gardens of the hotel. A car passes. The men walk, arm in arm, down the steps, and the camera pans right to show other people sitting in the front garden, people walking and riding bikes. Another building façade with a barely visible diamond shaped sign that says “Agfa”. A car slowly drives up the road. Elek Brust on right 10:25.

00:11:06 “Kraszna-horka vára”. Shaky view of the Krászna-Hôrka castle on a hilltop in Slovakia. Three men stand in the grass. A car drives past. A motorcycle parked by a tree. Two cars. CU of one of the men speaking. View from the castle of the land below. White text on a hatched background “Anyáék és Vilmáék érkezése repülõvel Bécsbõl.” Planes at an airport. Plane on the runway with “00-AFA” on the side. Plane in the sky above, lands, propellors spinning, side of the plane says “K-L-M KONINKLYKE LUCHTVAART MAATSCHAPPY PH-AKJ” (Dutch plane) People disembark. The camera focuses on four people, the women wave to the camera. Building with cars parked in front.

Event:  1937
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Eva Cooper
Record last modified: 2023-11-07 12:18:19
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