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Jewish family in Chechinov and Belzec, Poland before WWII

Film | Accession Number: 2019.220 | RG Number: RG-60.1838 | Film ID: 4176

Probably in Chechinov, Poland where the Furman family lived. Men, women and children walk towards the camera. Horses pull a wagon. A group of men and women walk in the street and look at the camera. More townspeople. The footage of townspeople repeats, flipped right to left. Men, women and children are fascinated by the camera and keep trying to be filmed. The women smile. Men with long beards approach the camera. More women walk up. The footage again repeats, up to the shot of the bearded men.

Dark shots of people in a townsquare with a market in the BG. A man picks up a basket. A bearded man carries a pail across a street. People on the front steps of a house. A woman with a butter churn. A man walks to the entrance of a fenced-in house. Two women pass by on a horse-drawn wagon, one waves. A woman in a chevron print halter top in front of a grove of trees walks up to the camera, smiling. She waves. Two different women. A soldier in uniform with his family. A woman and her children. A man hauling two buckets on a carrying pole. Men ride a bicycle. A horse-drawn wagon carries three people through town. A man in uniform and a woman kiss repeatedly on the cheek, alternating sides each time. He places his hat on his head.

People stand on the train platform, looking up at the camera, filmed from INT. 10:55 Sign says “BELZEC”. The train begins to move.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Yitz Twersky
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:45:45
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