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Students graduate; parade with antisemitic float

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1844 | Film ID: 4182

Magyar Híradó 221. Young male students stand on the steps in front of a building, looking out towards the camera. They are all nicely dressed in suits and hats. Camera pans left on young men in uniform carrying glass steins. A few men stand facing each other on the front steps of a building (the school). One man walks up the steps and opens the large doors at the entrance to the building. A young man walks out and two men in uniform walk up to him. One gives him a bouquet attached to a stand. An intertitle reads, “Kallag már a vén diák.” In rows of four, the students exit their school, raising their hats off of their heads. They process down the street, following a small orchestra. Families line the street to watch the boys march. Intertitle: “A salamander.” The boys in uniform walk down the streets, in a snaking/curving formation. Then “Tréhás figurák a menetben.” A man pushes a cut-out of a man with a round nose and large mustache in uniform down the street, using two ropes to raise and lower his arms. Next, a woman riding an unwieldy bike with a handwritten sign attached to it comes down the street. People stand on the sides watching. Intertitle: “A sarki expedició lég-hajója s a Mars-lakók.” A boy carries a sign that reads, “Narathani-tåncoj nok-guerunk-a-Sarkra ott-sok-a-bine-eszkino-es-keves-a-toka (?)” followed by a spaceship float pulled by young boys. The side of the float reads, “O.TY.E’ No. 69.’” Then there are two boys covered by what looks like rocket costumes. A young boy carries a sign that says “ÓCEÁN REPÜLES,” next to another boy holding a sign too difficult to make out. Two young men behind them have wings attached to their backs and they jump up and down. A man in costume dances as others next to him play instruments. One bounces a ball and another holds a hoop and stick. A boy holds a handwritten sign, followed by four men in white outfits. Two of them have numbers written on them, while the two others have words. A man in uniform watches them as they march. Next comes a young boy holding a sign that reads “Egyke,” trailed by an older woman surrounded by young children holding signs that read, “HOL A PAPA?” Then a young boy with a sign that says “Konnyebba a Tevéneé atmenm a tufokan mint Banyaśznak a II-ik sźzgorlato(?)” A man leads a camel while another sits atop it. The sign on the side of the camel reads, “GRAND-COLOSSEUM CIRKUSZ CZAJA. CZAJA JANOS.” The parade comes to an end and the crowds of people walk away. Intertitle: “Isten veletek cimborák!” and then a clip of the students marching plays again. One of the floats shows a locomotive driven by “75% Jewish Energy”

Event:  1928 May
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Hungarian National Digital Archive and Film Institute
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:50:43
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