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Jews perform forced labor on a farm

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1852 | Film ID: 4190

Magyar Híradó 857. Intertitle: “ARATNAK A MUNKASZOLGA’LATOSOK. A közérdekü munkaszolgálat aratószázadokkal segít a kis-birtokosoknak és az uradal-maknak. M.F.I.-ZSABKA.” A man uses a tool to hammer at the edge of his wooden scythe. Two men use wooden tools to smooth the long blade of the scythe. In the field, six laborers use their scythes to cut away at rye, while an officer stands in the background on the left, watching. More of the men using their scythes to cut the rye. Another laborer drives through the field on a mechanical reaper. CU of the machine. It spits out bundles of rye (sheaves), and then other laborers move the sheaves into piles. WS of the field, neat rows of bundled rye leading to the laborers still reaping. CU of the rye as a scythe slices it. The men keep working. They then throw the rye onto a machine that brings the rye up and stacks it. The rye moves up the machine and is dumped on top of a large pile, where another worker tends to it.

Event Date
1940 July
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Hungarian National Digital Archive and Film Institute
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