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257th German Infantry in Galicia region: roundup of Jews; Jewish quarter; German soldiers

Film | Accession Number: 2016.518 | RG Number: RG-60.1866 | Film ID: 4210

With German intertitles. Scenes filmed by Lieutenant Edgar Forsberg of the 257 German Infantry following the collapse of the Polish army on October 6, 1939. “Mit dem stab der 256 inf. Div. im Krieg” In the region of Galicja (near the border of Poland and the Ukraine), German officers from the 257th Infantry round Jewish civilians wearing white armbands into forced labor divisions in the town center. Galicja had a large Jewish population (about 800,000) living relatively peacefully amongst the larger Ukrainian and Polish populations in the 1930s. The women of Galicja buy and sell vegetables and other goods in the market. HAS of the crowded marketplace. Women wearing headwraps and shawls sit in front of tables full of produce. Many people are wearing armbands with the Star of David. Jewish and non-Jewish men and women sell and buy goods from stands and horse-drawn wagons. A man shows off his pig for the camera. A woman scrubs a bowl by a stream in the countryside. A woman walks down a dusty road surrounded by quaint cottages and green trees, a truck full of German soldiers passes by. Bride followed by her wedding guests. Quick, HAS, two Germans sit at a table. Peasant women with headscarves pose for the camera in a hilly landscape. Two girls walk past a large group of soldiers from the 257 Infantry. The men gather on a hillside. Views of Poles in the crowded marketplace. Jewish men and women wearing white armbands walk around the district, shop doors and windows display the Star of David in blue paint. An old man smokes and wanders by a destroyed building. The camera follows a Jewish man walking. Various MCUs of Jews in the city streets, shop signs in BG. CU, woman. Jewish man in black hat talks to two policemen in black uniforms. More shots of the Jewish quarter. Mother and child walking along a road near a cottage. A large group of German soldiers and Polish women with children laugh and joke. Cut back to the Jewish quarter, HAS of daily activity, men walking in streets, CUs, ducks. German officers smoke near a border crossing (red and white barrier) in front of a Shell sign. Women gleaning a field with a caravan of trucks and a motorcycle on the dusty road. Soldiers stand in the woods. A horse pulls a large load of lumber while men attempt to support the cart from the sides. A man whips a horse carrying a cart of lumber. Pigs play. Soldiers talk and eat. Cow. INT, baby palm tree, plants in pots.

11:30:11 A soldier reads something. He finds a camera amongst someone else’s belongings, under a helmet on top of a suitcase. He smokes and examines the camera. Soldiers move about a Polish town. Soldiers in the back of trucks move through. Fire through an open window. More flame-covered rubble. A roof burns. People use ladders. Buildings completely in flames at night. A soldier carries items out of a half-destroyed building.

Event:  October? 1939
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Agentur Karl Hoeffkes
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:15:07
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