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Anschluss in Vienna and Scharding, Austria

Film | Accession Number: 2016.518 | RG Number: RG-60.1871 | Film ID: 4214

Military parade for the Nazi annexation of Austria in March 1938. Cars drive through, people line the streets on either side. Large crowds stand outside the Austrian Parliament Building in Vienna. A Nazi flag hangs behind the crowd. A man holds a sign that reads “Mot. Truppen: 16 km.” German half-track cars drive through the street, towing artillery parts at the back. More crowd shots and cars driving through, each packed with soldiers. People sit on top of buildings and stand in trees to get a better view. The infantry marches in formation. Some ride through on horseback and others ride in wagons pulled by horses.

10:02:37 A member of the SS holds a flag that reads “Adolf Hitler,” “DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE” and two swastikas. Buildings along a Vienna street. Sign for the bathroom, “W.C. Herren.” People run through the street past parked motorcycles. Soldiers in rows in the street. A building with a decorative façade reads, “WESTBAHNHOF” topped by classical sculptures. The train station. A Nazi flag above the train corridor. A train sits on the track. Inside the station, Nazi soldiers salute. Women talking. Scenery from a moving train. EXT of "Passau" train station

10:04:15 Crowd stands outside a shop with a sign, “Tabak-Trafik.” The crowd attempts to enter “KONSULAT” - the Polish consulate in Vienna. 10:04:49 The Poland Transport Office, with a map of Poland on the side, reading “POLEN. 35 MILLIONEN EINWOHNER” (35 million residents). “FRANCOPOL” “FAHRKARTEN” “PASSVISA” advertising the sale of tickets. Another view of the long line outside of the Polish Consulate. A building covered in Nazi flags. 10:05:35 The back of a truck reads “Adolf Koch Specter. Berlin 5.0.36 Reichenbergerstr 57 68 9201.” A handwritten sign on the front of a Mercedes car says “SA Obergun.” CU of a young boy with a swastika armband. Another car with sign on windshield “GU. - Obergruppe.” Soldiers stand guard outside of a building with large fluted columns. Nazi flags on street corners. CU, sign for “W.C. Damen.” Two officers stand by a car. 10:06:27 Street sign “I. Stadt. Am hof.” Men stare into a window with an overturned hat and scattered mess in the display. People crowd outside of a building with two Nazi flags. CU of the sign above the doorway “AMT DES - FÜHRERS” and “AMHOF No 4.” Small market sells “HEISSE WORSTED, SELENWAREN.” Shot from within as the train pulls out of the station. People wave goodbye. Nazi flag. Soldier seen through the open doors of the railway cars. The train cars say “Deutsche Reichsbahn”, the German National Railway. A lakeside town. INT, soldier puts his arm around two women and they smile for the camera.

10:08:27 Train station in Schärding, Austria. A woman gives money to a young girl, presumably her daughter. A man holds a basket full of snacks. Volkswagen with a Nazi flag attached to the front hood. Another shop that has the “TABAK TRAFIK” sign. 10:08:58 Adolf Hitler’s profile on the side of a building, next to an advertisement of a boy eating bread, with the words “Ankerbrot” and “ANKERBROTFABRIK A.G.” a large baked good company in Austria. Barrels are piled up along the wall. Newspapers, one of which has a large image of Hitler’s face. Signs in a window read: “ZU VERMIETEN,” for rent. A shop front with a sign: “Schwechater Lager-Bier” and “Graßl Weinslüberl” and several Nazi flags. People walk along the street. Three Nazi flags on a street corner. Storefront with a sign: “Passbilder raschest hier im Atelier!” People wait outside the Polish Consulate.

Event:  March 1938
Vienna, Austria
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Agentur Karl Hoeffkes
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:50:46
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