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Reich party day, Nuremberg

Film | Accession Number: 2016.518 | RG Number: RG-60.1878 | Film ID: 4216

Reich Party Day in Nuremberg, Day of the Wehrmacht, 1936 or 1937. Soldiers engage in military maneuvers. 10:15:44 Arrival on the stage of Goering, Rudolf Hess, military men, Martin Bormann, SA- Obergruppenfuehrer Wilhelm Brueckner. Hitler at the podium in the Zeppelinfield, upper commander of all armed forces greeting Hitler as they pass by, Hitler greets with salute. (Film runs much too fast) - parade, marching band, Army. Pan of Hitler and the officers and functionaries standing behind the stage, among them SA group leader Wilhelm Brueckner appears large in FG. 10:17:33 Large marching band with five bells. Marine band, marine units with weapons. 10:18:30 Hitler in conversation with top leaders on the podium. Music corps on horseback, drummers, Hitler greeting cavalry with sheathed swords. Armored horses. Tanks, trucks. Sun reflected in the windows of the vehicles. 10:20:54 Hitler makes his way to Herman Goering. Airplanes overhead.

10:21:04 New setting. Maneuvers (dark), Hitler and entourage stand on the newly built leader's box of the Zeppelin rostrum, with hundreds of spectators in the stands behind him. Airplanes in the sky in different formations. Marching (very dark). Thousands of soldiers stand in formation on the field. Infantry, 88mm anti-aircraft guns, demonstration of weaponry. Rows of tanks ride in lines onto the field. Women and men watch from the stands. 10:29:33 Emmy Goering as spectator. Then more shots of maneuvers, airplanes. Smoke rolls off the fields as they decimate small shacks constructed for target practice.

Event:  1936-1937
Nuremberg, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Agentur Karl Hoeffkes
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:50:47
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