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Goering visits small towns in Austria

Film | Accession Number: 2016.518 | RG Number: RG-60.1881 | Film ID: 4216

Marketplace of Tamsweg in Lungau, Austria. Göring walks through rows of proud women saluting him. He smiles at them and nods his head. Standing amongst the crowd is a mascot in traditional German costume with a very large head, wearing a dirndl - Goliath. Nazi flags. Göring chatting with people, in front of a banner that reads “Hermann Göring-Straße.” Crowds stand in a square in front of a building decorated with garlands and long Nazi banners. The building has two large initials on its façade as well, “H.G.” People watch as a very tall doll-like German figure spins in circles in the square, with the smaller costumed people spinning in circles at its feet. A young girl speaks to one of the Nazi officers in a car, as he smiles at her and pats her head.

10:51:55 Mountains with snow-covered peaks and the countryside in Austria, shot from a moving vehicle. Black swastikas line the way, attached to fences.Mauterndorf in Salzburg area, Goering’s sisters on the balcony: Olga and Paula. View from Goering’s balcony of the woman who had accompanied him in the car. Two men lounge in a car. Onlookers, camera-teams, Goering in white jacket on the balcony, together with his companion. Goering and two other men talk on porch, looking out at the crowd below. Goering with cigar. 10:53:31 His sister sits with [a man with] a hat and beard, greets SS Officer. Column of autos sets off. Goering in uniform with Field Marshall staff stands in the car and greets the people who cheer him from the street sides. Swastikas and Nazi banners. Göring with companions, drives with Field Marshall Staff past SA men, greets them smiling. Two policemen in conversation, smiling, in background house bedecked with Nazi flags. Folk performance. Enormous puppet/doll (Goliath) spinning in circles with two of the smaller ones spinning at its feet, wearing traditional German dress. Other people dance along. Goering in huntsman's costume with felt hat and beard, children in costume.

10:55:35 Göring in his felt hat with a swastika pin smiles as he holds a thin German cigar and passes a letter back and forth with a woman, looking at photos. People dance. More of the spinning costumed figures. 10:57:05 Cameraman (Wochenschau?) films from the roof of a PKW. Mauterndorf, mountain in backgroud, Goering’s house decorated with Nazi flags, garland, swastikas.

10:57:40 Cars enter a parade in a city. Strings of Nazi pennants fly above the street. Crowds salute officers. Banner: “Wir bauen Großdeutschland” [We build greater Germany]. Crowds of jubilant eople line the streets, young men wearing white shirts, brown pants, a tie and a Nazi armband. Traveling toward Berchtesgaden, Goering in green hunting uniform greeted by mountain people.

10:58:43 Abrupt change to B/W (transfer problem?) Goering in hunting uniform with cigarette in leather vest in conversation with older woman, and then conversations with rows of SA men, very jovial. Mountain range from the window of a moving train. The surrounding land and houses, Alpine foothills. At railway station waiting for car, SA man greets, companion. Woman and Luftwaffe officer lean out train windows.

11:01:30 Color. Göring in green hunting uniform and hat. Accompanying NS functionaries, local people greet him, young women in costume and headscarf recite poems, give Goering flowers, Goering pats her cheek. Spectators. Miner’s chapel, Party members. Goering speaks with party members. Rows of young girls in dirndls. Column of cars with officers. Goering travels by car, standing, through Austrian villages, jubilant people, children with Nazi flags. In conversation with functionaries, locals, river flowing through town. Göring talks with them.

Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Agentur Karl Hoeffkes
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:15:08
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