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Documentary portrait of Karl Hermann Frank

Film | Digitized | Accession Number: 2016.567 | RG Number: RG-60.1910 | Film ID: 4206

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    Documentary portrait of Karl Hermann Frank


    Ttitles: “STATNI PUJCOVNA, UVADI KRATKY FILM.” “Frank mezi nami” Credits. The city of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) after the war. The Mill Colonnade. Teplá River running through the city. Portrait of Karl Hermann Frank's father, Heinrich, a teacher; his wife and children (Ernst, Walter, Karl). A German school certificate for KHF, “K.k. Franz Josef Staats Gymnasium in Karlsbad. Reifezeugnis” showing his grades, classes, and teachers, dated “28. Juni. 1918.” ECU of KHF in the 1920s. Another certificate in Czech regarding his job as a provisional assistant with official stamp and signature.

    Nazism in the Czech border - brief shot of mules or horses being led up a hill. Young boys march through the street. A man wearing a swastika armband looks out over a machine gun. Side profile of a man. Henlein emphatically delivers a speech, Sudeten German Party. People in the crowd extend their arms in the Nazi salute. More people saluting. Still photos. Man and woman exit a building, the woman carries a bouquet. They sit in the back of a car. INT two men sitting in a grand room. Hitler in a room with five men, he sits down on the couch. EXT men knock down a wooden structure and topple over a striped sign on the side of the road. Standing in a vehicle, Hitler arrives in western Bohemia and salutes the crowd. The entrance bar at the border says “Wildenau” and raises for the cars to enter. Children on the streets salute eagerly. People in an enormous crowd in a townsquare wave Nazi flags. A photo of Hitler shaking the hand of a man on stage, a Nazi flag hangs behind them. Fluttering flag with a swastika at Prague Castle, KHF with his right hand raised at the first courtyard. Von Neurath. Heydrich welcome in the courtyard of Prague Castle - KHF accompany him during the show. Heydrich's funeral - the procession on the Charles Bridge. Coffin on the gun carriage. Coffin covered in a Nazi flag and topped with a helmet and flowers. Nazis march behind it. KHF places a large funeral wreath on the ground below a bronze portrait bust of Heydrich, placed on the anniversary of his death on June 4, 1943. Printed decree on executions with KHF signature at the bottom in bold, “podepsan: K.H. Frank.” At the end of another sheet is “Nemecky statni ministr pro Chechy a Moravu. K.H. Frank,” identifying K.H. Frank as the German State Minister for Bohemia and Moravia. Germany's surrender. A Reichsadler, eagle on top of swastika statue is in ruin, surrounded by rubble on the ground. Soldier’s guns and helmets laying in a pile in the dirt on the ground. Soldiers walk along the street. KHF disembarking a plane. Troops hold their guns in the back of a truck.

    Nazi war criminal KHF in his cell. "VYSETROVANEC K.H. FRANK” above a large number “1”. Pans right on a soldier looking out through a small peephole. INT vignette of KHF writing at a desk. He puts the pen down, looks over towards the camera, and stands. An officer comes in. KHF with an armband on, is walked down the hallway by three officers. They enter a room and he does a slight bow to men sitting at a desk before sitting in a chair in front of them. The man at the middle of the table puts his glasses on and reads the paper in front of him. K.H. Frank nervously fidgets, rubs his forehead. CU of the official questioning him.

    Illustrations during the questioning: EXT camera pans right on a building with graffiti-style panels along its upper facade in between windows. This is Kaunitz College in Brno, which was turned into a prison camp. A soldier stands in front of the wire fence around the building. Handcuffs and a Nazi visor cap, man smoking. The back of a man laying down. He appears to have scratches and bruises on his skin. Men sit in bunks in a room. KHF speaks. EXT, burning of Lidice, a building explodes, Nazi officers watch. Executions, dead bodies. Man hanged. A field of corpses. Coffins lay side by side in a mass grave. Montage of shots from KHF career - his participation in various assemblies, marches and festivities Nazi - mostly in Prague Old Town Square.

    Back at the interrogation. Crowded courtroom at Pankrác, the facade of the national emblem and flag. Jury. Statement by President of the Court JUDr. Cossack (authentic sound). Frank listens with headphones. K.H. Frank, with his gaze lowered and his lips pursed. He nervously chews on his finger, looks towards the camera and freezes on that image of him. The camera zooms in before the image transitions to the interior of the courtroom. The chief justice reads from the sentence - the death penalty, KHF will be executed publicly on May 22, 1946. Large crowd outside, seen through the bars of a window of Pankrác Prison. Officers set up the gallows, stairs and rope. Executioners lead KHF up the steps to the platform. They place the rope around his neck and the film goes blurry as he is executed by “pole-hanging,” a type of short drop hanging. The executioner. His white gloves are flung onto the wooden steps. The crowd turns to exit the courtyard. Facade of Pankrác prison. “KONEC” [end]
    Film Title
    Frank mezi námi
    Production:  1946
    Prague, Czechoslovakia
    Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia
    Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Národní filmový archiv

    Physical Details

    B&W / Color
    Black & White
    Image Quality
    Film Format
    • Master
    • Master 4206 Digital: ProRes 422 - b&w - HD
      Master 4206 Digital: ProRes 422 - b&w - HD
      Master 4206 Digital: ProRes 422 - b&w - HD
      Master 4206 Digital: ProRes 422 - b&w - HD

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    You do not require further permission from the Museum to access this archival media.
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    For permissions and licensing film footage, contact Národní filmový archiv at

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    Administrative Notes

    Film Provenance
    The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum purchased digital copies of twelve films from the Czech National Film Archive in June 2016.
    Director, story, screenplay: Miroslav Hubáček, František Sádek
    Camera: Bohumil Vích, Václav Huňka, Ivan V. Frič
    Assistant camera: Svatopluk Malý
    Editor: Ferdinand Kursa
    Production manager: Vojtěch Červený
    Authors comments: Ivan Suk
    Comment: Stanislav Kozák
    Music: Jiří Šust
    Copied From
    35mm b/w print
    Film Source
    Record last modified:
    2024-02-21 07:26:41
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