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Jewish orphans leave Prague for England after WWII

Film | RG Number: RG-60.0173 | Film ID: 4316

Scenes showing a group of Jewish orphans leaving Prague for England under a British Home Office plan to transport one thousand orphaned concentration camp survivors to recuperate in Britain before their resettlement. This footage shows some of the 300 children, mostly boys, who were liberated from Theresienstadt and flown from Prague to England on August 14, 1945. They were initially settled at a hostel in Windermere where they received medical care.

Boys board a Stirling aircraft on a grassy field at the Ruzyne airfield in Prague. One boy boards carrying a flag. Interior shots of the boys sitting on the floor of the plane looking at the camera. Views from outside of other boys sitting on luggage and waving to the plane as it begins to taxi. Boys walking away from a plane and towards the camera, carrying luggage. This might be arrival at RAF Crosby-on-Eden airfield. Back in Prague, shot of a large banner in Czech across an airport building; quick pan to large crowd of boys on the tarmac with luggage. Some adults, men and women, are also present. 01:56 Toddler and a slightly older girl look at the camera. 02:01 Boy at right of frame and a teenage girl in background wear small metal five-pointed star pins on their jacket lapels. The children, including the two young girls just pictured, climb or are helped into a plane. Three boys ride a motorized cart containing luggage across the field. LS of children crossing the tarmac from the airport toward the planes. 03:34 two older people with their backs to the camera sit on the tarmac on their luggage. A man and a woman in uniforms talk to an older woman in civilian clothes. A woman in uniform (British military?) gives direction to a man in civilian clothes. He leads a group of boys away from the camera.

Production:  1945 August 14
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Crosby-on-Eden, United Kingdom
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Imperial War Museums
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:17:04
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