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IRO Children's Village in Bad Aibling

Film | RG Number: RG-60.0192 | Film ID: 4353

This personal film of the IRO Children's Village Bad Aibling in the American Zone of Germany was filmed by John Powelson, an AFSC worker assigned to the Children’s Village. Military vehicle driving past a sign pointing to “IRO Children's Village Bad Aibling IRO Area 7.” Children hold hands with adult men and women, probably in late winter 1949. 0:31 The woman in the green overcoat could be Wendy Elliott who coordinated kindergarten teachers and activities (this woman appears in several following scenes). Adults and teenagers pose for the camera and speak with one another in front of camp buildings. 1:11 Douglas Deane, director of the village from July 1949 to December 1950, speaking with a young woman, possibly Alice Roberts.

1:58 An injured woman walks with crutches in a group of women. A boy on stilts. A girl in a red jacket sweeps. Good CUs of children.

3:19 A group of young adults board train with luggage in hand. One young man is holding a guitar. CUs as they board the train, many faces.

The refugees learn various crafts and building techniques from adults in suits. Woodworking, bells and mechanical things of some kind are put together. Women and men pose for the camera with the things they crafted, such as aprons and tools. They fix a tractor engine and repair shoes.

7:32 Preschool children walk in a line with teachers. A young girl performs a Ukrainian dance alone on the street. CUs of many of the youngest girls. Girls continue to dance together. 9:38 Good CUs, the girls, some talk to the camera. One holds a doll. Pan as the children and adults blow up colorful balloons. 10:57 Natalie Kent (Kempner) behind the children, camera pans left to include her husband, Oakie Kent. 11:55 Alice Roberts, with Oakie Kent in the BG. 12:08 AFSC staff blowing up the balloons, including Alice, Natalie, and Oakie.

Event:  late 1949
Bad Aibling, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Larry Powelson
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:35
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