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Deportation of Dresden Jews to Hellerberg

Film | Accession Number: 2016.518 | RG Number: RG-60.0199 | Film ID: 4274

Text: "Zusammenlegung der letzten Juden in Dresden in das Lager am Hellerberg am 23./24. November 1942.""[Last Jews in Dresden into the camp at Hellerberg on 23/24 November 1942] Text: "Abholen des Gepäcks” [Pick up the luggage]. Street sign "Sporer-Gasse". House number 2, full garbage cans, windows with curtains 10:00:48 Entrance to the house, men in civilian clothes, Gestapo, furnishings are being loaded onto a truck, Jews with star of David carry the tables, chairs, bookshelves, sewing machines (a woman with an umbrella walks through the picture). 10:01:41 Suitcases with inscriptions loaded: "Martha and Sarah Dawid, Dresden" "Leo Israel Redlich and Johanne Sara Saslawski" "Albert Israel Hirsch". 10:02:05 Fabric with writing: ""Kinderbett fürs Lager ". Jews carry suitcases out of the house and load them onto the truck, heavy sack, bedding loaded onto trucks 10:02:50 Gestapo in civilian clothes with hat monitors the loading, Jews with stars carry more luggage out of the house. Look at the crowded truck, the last pieces of luggage are stowed, the door of the truck is closed.

10:03:46 Sign: "Städtische Entseuchungsanstalt" [Municipal decontamination] Group of Jews with luggage walk through an alley. Two Jews with stars, one of the men is limping. Woman with a pram, a group of Jews look out of an open wooden gate of a hall 10:04:38 Various shots of the Jews brought to the Hellerberg camp, young women in a coat with a star, two older women, women with children, children with dolls, all neatly dressed, two Wehrmacht members in the BG, mothers taking clothes from the children. Women with children in their arms, civilians, possibly city employees, uniformed people, a man carrying clothes on a hook. Woman, smiling with stroller, in the BG civilians and a uniformed man. 10:06:08 Large pile of sheets, blankets, etc. possibly after delousing. Patches on laundry "Sali Goldberg". Large amounts of fabric bundles are stacked by two men in a hall. 10:07:31 Repeat of the last scenes, in different ways. 10:08:03 Two men stack the laundry bags of the Jews in a room, one wears a white coat. (different shots). Woman with a backpack, inscription "M. Sara Dawid" on it. Women with stars take off their coats and hang them. 10:08:54 Women take wooden shoes out of a basket, take off their shoes and put on wooden shoes that are too big and heavy. 10:09:21 Young women with children in their arms, women can barely walk in the clogs.

10:09:46 White-hooded woman examines the hair of Jewish women for lice (many different shots). 10:11:44 Two uniformed men and two civilians joke together. 10:11:54 Man, bundle of clothes. 10:12:01 Group of naked men (Jews) stand and sit in a room, a doctor in a white coat with a star of David examines the men, using a magnifying glass to search for head lice. 10:15:00 Repeat of the last scenes.

10:15:27 A man in a white coat with a gas mask closes a door with a sign saying " Vorsicht. Giftige Gase. Lebensgefahr!" [Beware, poisonous gases, danger to life!] A second man in white tunic turns over keys in the door lock. Man takes off gas mask. Men in oversized clogs come out of a door, go down a staircase and walk away, older man shuffling across the yard in his wooden shoes. Laundry bag with the inscription "Bella Sybilla Sara Klein". Panning over a stack of bags on a ramp. Woman with wooden shoes, loses her shoes, has to shuffle forward, CU on her feet in her shoes, more women come out of a door and walk down a small staircase in wooden shoes. Some with the star on their clothes. Different and long shots. 10:18:05 Women take coats from hangers and put them on. Group of Jews in coats and with shoes wait. Older woman in a headscarf looks sadly into the camera, two young Jewish women with a star on their coats, joking. SS man in conversation with Gestapo officers in civilian clothes. Women are stand in front of a wooden hut with their luggage. Older woman buttons her coat, it is cold and raining. 10:19:00 Suitcases in bags in a row on wet cobblestones. 10:19:02 Man puts on his shoes again, family with luggage waits, moves, women with umbrellas, two young women go arm in arm.

10:19:37 Text: "Arrival at Hellerberg.” (First pictures jump) Women climb down a ladder from the truck, group of Jews with umbrella and cape in the camp, muddy paths. Briefing by Gestapo officer in civilian clothes, SS man in uniform, people arrive with luggage. A man in a cloak instructs people to watch civilian Gestapo officers. 10:21:03 Women enter the wooden barracks. Woman in the midst of luggage. Woman with luggage, looking at mattresses and bedding, lying on a wooden floor in the open air. 10:22:19 Suitcase with inscription: "Kate Sara Voss" [Kätchen Voss was the widow of a non-Jewish banker in Dresden; she appears frequently in the Victor Klemperer diaries]. Laundry bag with inscription: "Kate Sara Aronade from Dresden". Family with two small children. Children with doll carriage and doll. SS man with Gestapo officers in civilian clothes. Women enter the wooden hut, woman smiles, papers are shown, keys. Woman sits at a table and sorts documents. 10:23:57 Wooden barracks, some snow, people between the barracks.

10:24:20 Text: "Einige Beispiele jüdischer Ordnung" [Some examples of Jewish order]. Propagandistic footage of suitcases, doll, etc. Wooden beds, two floors, a young woman, clothes on hooks. Young woman cooks, bunk beds, kitchen utensils on a table, suitcases and bags, small bags on hooks, shoes underneath a bed. 10:26:20 Woman stands on a stool and puts laundry in a cupboard. Suitcase with inscription: "Rita Sara Schneck". Woman puts laundry in wardrobe, older woman smiles in camera and dries her hands on towel. Beds next to each other in a barrack. Several boys wash their hands in a washroom 10:27:27 Women's hands sort laundry, open suitcase with inscription: "Israel Reichenbach", young woman sorts and arranges underwear. Older man lies in upper bunk bed. 10:27:45 Lute / guitar / mandolin hangs on the wall. Woman in a dress with a star of David gets a bed, a man writes, cleans. Kitchen work, woman with potato peeling machine, women and man preparing potatoes. SS man and plainclothes Gestapo in the kitchen. Woman pours hot water into cup, pots on stove, police? in uniform, civil servants smell the soup. Woman stands at a hatch, boys shovel coal into buckets outside and carry buckets.

10:29:39 Outdoors: light snow, two women with towels go into a barrack, small child with a wooden scooter looks into the camera, drives away. Woman in a white coat with a star running across the yard, man on phone, man with a star of David.

Event:  November 23-24, 1942
Dresden, Germany
Hellerberg, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Agentur Karl Hoeffkes
Record last modified: 2023-11-07 12:02:58
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