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Swastikas; Boycott of Jewish shops; Parade; Nazi soldiers

Film | Accession Number: 2016.518 | RG Number: RG-60.1057 | Film ID: 4217

Intertitles: “W L Film- Nr. 3.” “Leipziger Fahresschau,” “Ein Bild-Bericht von Walther Lenger,” “Camera…. Bearbeitung Walther Lenger Projektor….” “1933,” “März 1933: Sieg der nationalen Revolution: Schwarz-weiss-rote Fahnen und Hakenkreuz-Banner wehen überall.” Shot of a grid of Hakenkreuz side by side. A Nazi flag flies in the street. Then the flag of Germany. Flags fly from buildings in Leipzig. A woman eats a spoonful of something.

10:19:16 Intertitle: “1. April 1933. Boykott. Jüdischer Geschafte.” A newspaper reads, “Boykott! Wir Kampfen, bis Juda kapituliert!” There is a cartoon that says, “Schlag Zehn!” with an illustration of a Jewish man being hit on the head by a hammer. A man with fake nose and googly-eye glasses moves his head back and forth. Nazi officers stand at a shopfront. A sign posted on a notice board reads, “Meidet alle jüdischen Geschafte! Kauft nur bei Deustschen!”

10:19:51 Intertitle: “1. Mai 1933: Feiertag der nationalen Arbeit Ein Volk marschiert-auch in Leipzig.” A marching band. Intertitle: “Adolf Hitler Straße.” Men walk down the street looking at the camera. Flags and rows of garland hang from a building that says “KAFFEHAUS FELSCHE.” Men marching down the street Nazi salute.

10:20:28 Intertitle: “21. Mai 1933: Fahnenrueihe der N.-S.-Beamtenabteilung auf dem Sportplatz.” Soldiers parade through the sports field, followed by Nazi officials. They line up on the field. Everyone marches out.

10:21:21 Intertitle: “1. Mai 1934: Leipzig hat sich zum Tag der Arbeit festlich geschmückt.” Leipzig Market Square. Street corner building that reads, “REICHSHOF,” decorated with swastikas. The “KAFFEEHAUS FELSCHE” decorated with swastikas and a Parteiadler. Trolley-cars move along the street in front of a classical style building.

10:21:48 Intertitle: “Dezember 1935: Schulungskurs auf der Augustusburg.” Nazi soldiers walk arm in arm by a castle. The soldiers smile. Intertitle: “Ausflug zum Hirtstein, 889m.” Soldiers walking along a road. They look out from the top of the snow-covered Hirtstein Mountain. The soldiers pose with a dog. They have a snowball fight. “Ende.”

Event:  March 1933 to December 1935
Leipzig, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Agentur Karl Hoeffkes
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:18:02
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