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SA and Ernst Roehm in Bayreuth, 1934

Film | Accession Number: 2016.518 | RG Number: RG-60.1064 | Film ID: 4273

SA March of the SA Brigade 77 in Bayreuth on May 13, 1934. Men march in columns. They then stand side by side, Nazi flags billowing in the wind beside them. WS of the soldiers in a field with long rows of motorbikes. Officers on horseback do the Nazi salute. 10:01:30 Ernst Röhm, a Nazi Party founder, leans over to speak to a soldier. They salute, before the officer continues down the line of men. Three men on horseback carry flags bearing the symbols of the Nazi party. The officers ride away down the field. Soldiers stand still in rows, looking right towards the camera. The men bring their thoroughbreds to a gallop in the open field. SA-Musikzug (marching band) plays to the left. Civilians have gathered to watch them. More of the men riding horses, as soldiers stand in lines on the side. 10:06:36 Ernst Röhm chats with other Nazi Party officials, no longer on horseback.

10:06:49 A large podium has been set up, decorated with Nazi flags and a large reichsadler on the backdrop. Röhm addresses the crowd. He shakes the hand of a soldier and salutes before descending a set of stairs to the right of the stage. Other officials follow quickly after. The military marching band, soldiers, and flag bearers process. Röhm welcomes Wehrmacht officers with a handshake and salute.

10:07:59 An SS officer salutes. The flag bearers in the field roll up their flags. 10:08:09 Röhm’s profile as he speaks on the podium. 10:08:14 Close-up of Hanns Günther von Obernitz. (The SA leader Obernitz was decisively involved in anti-Jewish riots in Nuremberg.) Decorated officials watch from the side. Soldiers lounge in the field, looking up at the speaker. A sea of soldiers holding Nazi flags.

10:09:15 Ernst Röhm dedicates 105 new Sturmfahnen of the SA of the Brigade 77 in Bayreuth. Rohm touches every new storm flag with an old flag, greets the flag bearer and shakes his hand. Rows of soldiers stand at the ready across the field. Röhm standing around with high SA leaders, greeting people and saluting. The flag-bearers march. A procession of cars drive up the dirt road.

10:12:23 Children around a baby carriage, one playing with a Nazi flag. A marching band processes down a tree-lined path/country road.

Event:  1934 May 11
Bayreuth, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Agentur Karl Hoeffkes
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:18:03
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