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Monument erected for SA man Josef Wiesheier

Film | Digitized | Accession Number: 2016.518 | RG Number: RG-60.1065 | Film ID: 4273

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    Monument erected for SA man Josef Wiesheier


    SA men are camped in a meadow, drinking beer, laughing in camera, panning over the crowd. SS men are lying in the meadow, isolated from the SA, one is drinking from a flask. The collars of their jackets bear the number 41. A photographer takes a group photo of some soldiers, with their flags leaned together like a teepee. Drummers play. Women and children sit, many in costume. Women observe, some shielding their face from the sun.

    10:15:45 May 13, 1934: Monument revelation for SA-man Josef Wiesheier, who was murdered on May 21, 1933 in Gaiganz. SA men in the cemetery, numerous spectators on a raised street embankment. The funeral procession: Party officials, parents, relatives come and enter the cemetery, various angle, officials welcome the family, who stands in front of the grave. Two soldiers and a man in a suit stand on top of a truck labeled, “Reichsrundfunk,” the national German network.

    SA Röhm and two soldiers stand on a podium. He delivers a speech, microphones set up in front of him. Röhm salutes before laying a funeral wreath.

    10:17:35 Grave pillar in memory of Wiesheier “S.A. Mann Jof. Wiesheier. 16 Aug. 1907 gof. 21. Mai 1933. Im kampfe ums Dritte Reich,” followed by the symbol of the SA. It is topped by a large sculpture of the Reichsadler. A crowd of funeral attendees. Women and children walk up a road, the young boy wearing lederhosen. A residential street in Gaiganz, Nazi flags hang from some houses. Nazi official cars come winding down a street, a few pedestrians saluting as they go by. Soldiers ride on motorcycles by a young boy saluting in the FG. SA men in a field. Female specatators in costume. Parental home of Wiesheier in Gaiganz decorated with Nazi flag. Women sell soft pretzels from a stand. Military men by the stand wear picklehaube helmets. Memorial stone with inscription, “Hier wurde vom 21. auf 22. Mai 1933. Der einzige Parteigenosse und S.A. Mann von Gaiganz Josef Wiesheier von einem Bayern-wachtmitglied ermordet.” The pedestal shows the SA insignia. Two soldiers stand on either side of the memorial. Röhm arrives by car. He steps out, saluting. Hanns Guenther von Obernitz advances SA men. Marching band. Roehm goes down the line of soldiers, saluting and shaking hands. Cemetery, grieving relatives. Standing on a podium in front of a crucifix, Röhm speaks to the funeral crowd.
    Event:  1934 May 13
    Gaiganz, Germany
    Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Agentur Karl Hoeffkes

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      Master 4273 Digital: H264 - SD

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    Agentur Karl Hoeffkes
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    Karl Hoeffkes has collected over 2,000 hours of rare original film material documenting the period from 1925 to 1946. The collection consists of mostly amateur footage in both black and white and color that focuses on Europe during the pre-war and mid-war periods. The United States Holocaut Memorial Museum entered a cooperative agreement with Agentur Karl Hoeffkes in April 2015 which enables the Museum to provide access to the entire AKH archive and use the material for future exhibitions, research and scientific purposes, and publications.
    Refer to AKH catalog:

    Josef Wiesheier was a supporter of the NSDAP and a member of the SA. He is said to have attacked a young girl in Mittelehrenbach. A jealous friend Lorenz Schriefer strangled Wiesheier and threw the corpse in the village pond of Gaiganz.The Nazis constructed a political story, that Wiesheier had been attacked by political opponents, beaten unconscious and drowned in the village pond. He was declared a martyr by the National Socialist movement. A large mass to National Socialists marched to his funeral. In 1937, a street was named after him in Bayreuth. The murder case is now commemorated by a Marian column, which was swastika-mounted when it was built.
    Film Source
    Agentur Karl Hoeffkes
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    Source Archive Number: M 1392
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    2024-02-21 07:52:09
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