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Reich Party day in Nuremberg; Hitler Parade in Berlin

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1066 | Film ID: 4322

Amateur footage shot by the Nazi party official, Regierungsbezirkdirektor of Arnsberg (director of the administrative district Arnsberg). Two Nazi events are intermixed throughout.

KODAK. 00:13 Reich Party Day (1937 or 1938) in Nuremberg. POV of a spectator of huge crowd, marching men with swastika flags, Hitler (?) walking to the podium in the very far distance, pans of crowds giving Nazi salute, including men in the immediate FG.

01:02 From within the crowd at a Hitler parade in Berlin, Hitler barely visible stands in an open car to review marching columns of uniformed Nazis. According to IWM, this parade is in celebration of Hitler’s 50th birthday in April 1939 (need to confirm date, as the Reich Party Day footage cannot take place in 1939 since 1938 was the last year these rallies were held).

01:36 In Nuremberg: Hitler and a large entourage walk past a crowd of saluting spectators. Hitler (?) speaks at a podium, barely visible, then leaves the podium area and walks in front of the crowd again. Much closer views of Hitler reviewing saluting uniformed men on a parade ground.

02:53 In Berlin: Uniformed men march in the parade, including German Army, Navy, others, followed by anti-aircraft guns and tanks. Hitler rides by standing and saluting in an open car.

04:09 In Nuremberg: WS of marching men on the stadium field. The field is filled with uniformed men standing at attention. Hitler Youth boys enter the stadium carrying flags and take their places in risers above the field. Pans of the stadium, then Hitler and some other Nazis walk between the columns of uniformed men.

06:45 In Berlin: Parade continues with men on horseback, more military equipment and vehicles, Navy men in white shirts and hats.

07:58 In Nuremberg: Luftwaffe planes fly overhead and the Army performs exercises with tanks and horses on the field. Hitler drives past the crowd and salutes.

09:02 In Berlin: Military marching band passes by.

09:26 In Nuremberg: Hitler speaks from a podium then reviews troops (no longer in stadium). 10:07 CU of a group of foreign military attaches. Parade through the streets of Nuremberg, including a military marching band.

Event:  approximately 1937-1939 April
Nuremberg, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Imperial War Museums
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:42:33
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