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Sol and Sylvia Horwitz visit family in Bessarabia, 1936

Film | Accession Number: 2019.126 | RG Number: RG-60.1083 | Film ID: 4361

In 1936, Sol and Sylvia Horwitz traveled to their hometowns in Bessarabia and visited Paris, Berlin, Romania (Chernovitz, Falesht, Beltz, Tulcea, Ismail), and Vienna. They documented their journey on 8mm film and each kept a travel log, in which Sol discussed his growing anxiety and concern over the current state of his homeland, while Sylvia described the townspeople and their cultural customs. Sylvia returned to NY on July 6, 1936, sailing on the SS Queen Mary from Cherbourg, France. Sol stayed in Vienna for medical training and arrived separately in NY on November 2, 1936.

0:00 Bustling town center in Chernovitz with barefoot woman speaking to well- dressed man.

0:41 Man with hat holds a basket; pan down to his barefeet. Women with babushkas, pedestrian activity in town, camera pans “Emil Leichter“ shop. Young residents of Falesti approach the camera. Man fills bucket with water (milk) from a cart. Slow pan, relatives of Sol Horwitz and friends of father Hyman Horwitz. 1:24 Sol with his Aunt (Gettles); they give each other a kiss. CU of Sol's aunt and other relatives. Two girls with white bows in their hair smile and giggle for the camera. Horse-drawn cart through the street. 3 girls arm-in-arm, laughing. Boy attempts to catch a pig. 2:31 Sylvia and the pig. Relatives pose in front of shops in Falesti. Young boys smile for the camera. Local men work on a roof. Cobblestone streets. Two girls walk past an open cellar door. 3:42 The family. 4:20 Sylvia with goats. A female doctor (Sol’s father’s friend, Shea Polyrea’s Daughter).

4:56 In Beltz [Balti], residents on the street. Elderly couple. A friend of Hyman's takes off his hat. 5:33 The inn formerly operated by Sol’s parents, Hyman Horwitz and Bertha Bookman. More friends of Hyman. 6:00 Sylvia stands in front of the synagogue where Sol’s parents were married.

6:10 Relatives of Sylvia on the Danube river in Ismail, where Sylvia was born. 6:49 CU, Aunt Braila. Sylvia on a river taxi. The women go to a cemetery in Ismail, visiting Uncle Chiam’s grave. 7:24 Headstone. Braila (sister of Myron Moskovitz) walks toward camera, more relatives. Dock on the Danube river.

In Tulcea, well-dressed relatives of Sylvia with flower bouquets, waving.

8:50 Horwitz family (including Bessie Kasherman) in New York City.

Event:  1936
Tulcea, Romania
Falesht, Romania
Balti, Romania
Ismail, Romania
Chernowitz, Romania
New York, NY, United States
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Bruce Howard
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:45:45
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