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German Order Police; Warsaw in ruins; Germans occupy Polish towns

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1084 | Film ID: 4362

Excerpts from the private records of Nazi official, Kurt Kreikenbom, a gendarmerie colonel, including films titled "Polen" and "Einsatz in Russland".

In color, two order policemen in uniform on horses, street scenes and panning towards a building with trees in bloom, location unknown. WS, pan, large building. Switches to black and white, pan river, bridge. Polish town square with pedestrians (including an elderly Jew) and horse-drawn carriages, field with small homes.

00:02:08 Warsaw street scenes, pedestrians, traffic, statue, people walk across bridge. LS, pan, bridge across Vistula river. Pedestrian traffic on bridge. City square. “Hotel Europejski" (?). Prince Poniatowski statue of a man on horse near the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. 00:03:15 Building ruins, debris from the German siege of Warsaw. Brief, Jewish man walks towards camera. Men in Nazi uniform. Military marching band carry instruments. Group of soldiers, civilians gather around automobiles. Pedestrians, some with luggage. Horse-drawn carriage with people. More street scenes, building ruins. Warsaw National Gallery of Art. People lined up on the street.

00:04:46 Men in Nazi uniform around cars, motorcycles, saluting, preparation for a motorcade/parade. Three German officers pose for the camera. Wagons in line with Polish signs ("Wieslaw Robinski"). People cross a makeshift footbridge. Quick shots of the landscape, factory, church, river. 00:05:54 Shops in central square, signs show “N Kruszka” and “W Morawski.” Two Nazis, one poses in front of a statue. 00:06:20 Signs “Thorn 128 km, Gnesen 29 km” “Posen 23 km, Kosischen 2 km.” Landscape. Traffic, bicycles on road. Nazis on horseback riding two by two. 00:07:12 “Kreisstadt Wreschen” German sign pasted over Polish "Wresznia." Crowd. Destroyed train station. Sign “Wrzesnia" on brick building. Nazis survey the damage. Destroyed airplane parts. Pan of damaged and abandoned railcar on train tracks. Destruction in town.

00:08:46 Official ceremony in city. Nazi flags hanging and crowds line the street, order police in Nazi uniforms, saluting, cars driving through a gate with military leaders and high Nazis. 00:09:40 Officials exit a building, including chief of the Ordnungspolizei, Karl Daluege, at 09:39. Airplane with a swastika on the tail preparing for takeoff.

00:11:00 Nazis stand in formation and salute, podium with swastika. Order Police official gives a speech. Pan, courtyard, building. Raising a Nazi flag while saluting. CU, new police recurits lined up, run into building.

00:11:50 Man wades through flooded road blocking automobiles from crossing; the Nazis board horse-drawn carriages with local drivers. Parts of a lake are frozen in this village, huts with thatched roofs. The Germans continue to travel/tour in horse-drawn carriages, through water. Pan, village, homes, town square.

00:14:25 “Wartbruecken” sign (the German name for the Polish town Koło on the Warta River). Street scenes, important buildings. Warta river. Nazis walk towards camera in town. 00:15:48 Brief, men shovel snow around a car. KODAK.

Event:  1939-1940?
Warsaw, Poland
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Villa ten Hompel
Record last modified: 2020-08-04 09:19:56
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