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Czechoslovakia; refugees; protests in London

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1087 | Film ID: 4364

Paramount Newsreel, Issue 16, Released September 1938. Title: "Filtering through rigorous censorships, these first pictures bring realization of Europe's extreme peril." Elevated view the city of Liberec, Czechoslovakia. “LIBEREC. REICHENBERG” sign. Streetcar and townspeople travel about the city’s Main Street. Czech Policemen, mounted on horses, patrol the streets. Six Czech troops stand guard at the border. CU of a Czech soldier wearing his kevlar. A Czech military official points to something afar while speaking to his subordinates. 00:24 PAN of the city of Eger. CU sign for the city of Eger. Soldier stands guard near a a road blockade. Czech soldiers inspect a man’s papers on the street. PAN of Prague. INT Masaryk Stadium filled with refugees. The hall is lined with beds on both sides. (repeat INT Masaryk Stadium is filled with refugees. The hall is lined with beds on both sides.) A woman eats from a metal pot with a spoon; while another woman talks in the BG. Girl also eats from a pot surrounded by her family, she smiles. Boy, possibly her brother, is wearing a sailor’s uniform. Refugees stand in line to receive food. A young girl stands at the front of the line holding a toddler in her arms. Red Cross aid workers standing in line, some holding young children in their arms. CU of a baby with tears in its eyes. A woman is sleep on a bed with the newspaper in her lap. Boy sleeps next to a doll.

Protesters in London hold a mass meeting to express sympathy and concern for the Czech people . The building behind the crowd with a sign that reads “Nicholson’s Gin”. Two protestors hold a sign that says, “STAND BY CZECHOSLOVAKIA. NO PLEBISCITE!" A woman emphatically address the large crowd of men. At night, a convoy of automobiles fixed with posters that say “STAND BY CZECHS” and “FOR PEACE STOP HITLER” move along a London street. A middle-aged British woman speaks to the camera: “Don’t talk to me about war. Politics don’t interest me. I lost my husband in the last war and I’ve got my two boys to consider”.

Film Title
The War Crisis
Production:  1938 September
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Eger, Czechoslovakia
London, England
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of The Sherman Grinberg Film Library
Record last modified: 2020-08-04 09:19:56
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