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Deutsches Jungvolk; KdF parade; Rothkirch in Vienna; Czech border; Refugees; Invasion of Poland

Film | Accession Number: 2016.518 | RG Number: RG-60.5252 | Film ID: 4365

Deutsches Jungvolk [German youngsters in the Hitler Youth - DJ] Young boys aged 8-14 in training, laughing, bugle, outdoor drills, eating, tent camp with flags. 10:07:40 Boys return to city with rucksacks, hop on streetcars. 10:07:53 Crowds gather for DJ demonstration outdoors near Berlin, boys drumming, tents with DJ flags, family members observe the boys' activities, wrestling. 10:09:30 The boys prepare to march in a parade, bugles with DJ flag.

10:10:28 Count Rothkirch sets up ladder with film camera for demonstration in Berlin. Pan, Brandenburg Gate with banner: "Fuehrer befiel wir folgen!" and swastika flags. Parade. DJ boys. Many groups, some in local costume. "Kraft durch Freude" floats. Crowds. 10:13:35 Hitler motorcade.

Handwritten title: "3 Tage Kreuzer Koeln Mai 1936" General Rothkirch with son in HJ uniform boarding a small motorboat, waves, Reichskriegsflagge and water at the ship's stern. Motorboat over the warship. Anchor and coat of arms of Cologne. Sailor on deck with cap band "Kreuzer Köln." Boy in HJ uniform looking through telescope. Text: "An Rügen vorbei" Pan across the island of Rügen, binoculars. Steamboat, tugboat. Sailors on deck, heavy ship gun, gun barrels. Deck. Swastika flag. Text: "See-Ziele". Floating sea targets for practice. Boy in HJ uniform turns ship gun. Small motorboat, sailors. Text: "Einfahrt in Kieler Hafen" Lookout. Aviso Grille vessel. Sailor blows horn. Warship. General Rothkirch. Different warships of the German Navy in the Kiel fjord. Text: "Der Anker fällt". Anchor. Submarines in the Kiel Fjord. General Rothkirch aboard the cruiser Cologne. Text: "Abschied vom Kreuzer". Rothkirch with son in civilian clothes (both wear mourning fleece on their arms - his wife had died shortly before). Farewell.

10:22:39 military river crossing, soldiers swimming with luggage and horses through the river, dinghy. 10:26:17 Japanese Olympic team in Paderborn 1936, equestrian team, smoking women spectators, Rothkirch. 10:32:20 "Graf Zeppelin" Zeppelin is being pushed in Halle.

10:35:12 Rothkirch as city commander of Vienna, March 27, 1938: drive to Heroes' Square, car, Austrian honor company marching on. 10:36.06 Field Marshal Hermann Goering strikes front, parade. 10:38:28 General Colonel von Bock and State Secretary for Defense, Maximilian de Angelis. 10:38:39 Austrian SS set up in the Reich ("Legion") moves into Vienna. 10:39:35 Arthur Seyss-Inquart steps down the front of the SS. 10:40:02 Berlin in flag decoration, Italian flags, parade, heavy guns and tanks

Text: "Brigade-Stab beim Anmarsch zur Besetzung tschechischen Gebietes am 7. Oktober 1938".Wehrmacht soldiers in conversation. Text: "Schütze Hanau kommt zu Graf Rothkirch". Soldier with a steel helmet runs past Wehrmacht vehicles to Rothkirch, reports and takes over papers. Military convoy, bikers. Text: "Durchfahrt durch Heidenreichstein" Military vehicles and infantrymen. 10:10:09 Signs: "Prague", "Gmünd", "Wien". Military vehicles pass Heidenreichstein. Sign "Molkereigenossenschaft Litschau" Swastika flags on buildings. "An alter Grenze Besprechung mit tschechischem Oberstleutnant” Multi-lingual sign: "Links fahren!".[drive left!] Austrian-Czech border. Czech military in conversation with German officers. Rothkirch introduces himself in front of the border wall and shows thickness of the wall. Border fence is open, Enamel sign "Bundesstaat Österreich" Text: "Tschechische Soldaten werden herangewinkt” Felled tree as a roadblock. German officer waves a white handkerchief and climbs over the tree trunk. Carts are pushed on road as roadblock. Conversation between German and Czech soldiers. Banner over the street: "Byli Isme A Budem" ["we are and we will be"].

Banner over the street: "Byli Isme A Budem" ("We are and we will be") Talks between German and Czech soldiers and officers. Relaxed atmosphere. Officers with photo cameras. "Zollamtsplatz"Customs post in Fichtau. Text: "Schlüsselübergabe" Czech officer hands keys to German soldiers. Rothkirch welcomes Czech officer with a handshake and talks to him. Text: "Besatzung marschiert ab" Czech soldiers marching off. Text: "Brücken-Eisensperre" Germans go to the barrier. Text: "Beseitigung von Sperren" Germans cut logs. Text: “Zugmaschine hilft ziehen" Halftrack pulls log from the road. Women scatter flowers on the street. Swastika flag is raised. German soldiers are removing carts that were used as roadblocks. Group of civilians watch. Shield: "... our savior Adolf Hitler". Text: " Grenzübertritt mit Deutschlandlied".Crossing the border to Czech. German soldiers in vehicles greet military. Civilians heil. Long column of German military vehicles in a village. Shaking hands with the crowd, passing Wehrmacht soldiers. Text: "Tschechei. Peinliche Autopanne" Car on the roadside, soldiers open hood. " Auch tschechische Truppenabteilungen wurden überholt" Czech soldiers, bicycle. Street sign: "Tabor 53 km", "Praha / Prague 140 km". Czech soldiers overtaken by German military column. Cheering for invading German soldiers. Text: "Regenwetter hat eingesetzt" Civilians, young men, farmers, children greet the rolling German soldiers. Artillery. Farm workers. Fade to black.

Text: "Beobachtung tschechischer Postierung vor Neuhaus" Soldiers watch binoculars, gravel road. Cyclists and pedestrians come by. Text: "Divisions-Kommandeur General Veiel beobachtet" (Rudolf Veiel, Freikorps against Munich Soviet Republic, commander of the 2nd Panzer Division, deployment: Poland, Western campaign, Balkans and Russia. As he was suspected, in the assassination attempt on July 20, 1944, he was replaced on July 21 and transferred to the Führerreserve, where he remained until the end of the war). Veiel with binoculars on Austrian-Czech borderText: "Neuhäuser an der neuen deutschen Grenze" Highway. Border marking. Text: "Besprechung soll verabredet werden". Germans on Czech territory. Text: "tschechische Offiziere kommen". German officers greet Czech officers. Shaking hands, friendly smile. They discuss maps, check passports, negotiate while civilians watch. Truck, civilians in the back, drives over border. Text: "Zwei Vettern". Rothkirch in conversation with Wehrmacht soldiers. Text: "Beachtliche Betonbunker". Czech bunker, defenses. Text: "Vorne keine Schießscharten". Text: "Handgranatenauswurf". Loopholes for machine guns. Text: "Panzerwagensperren" German soldiers move Spanish riders. Text: "Drahthindernisse" barbed wire obstacles. Text: ""Drahthindernisse" Small dam Fade to black.

Text: "Erinnerungen an den September 1939 in Polen" [Memories of September 1939 in Poland]. German-Polish border Text: "Grenzstadt Zduny" (Polish city about 80 km south of Poznań, renamed "Treustadt" in 1943) Tower of the town hall. German soldier greets camera. Barricades of logs.Nun and three older women. Text: "Achtung! Die sandigen Flecken sind scharfe Minen" Cobbled street. German police officer with rifle points to mines that were laid in the street. Roadblock, before mine exploded. At the roadside there are stones of the detonation. Field, paramedic lies between plants. Rothkirch comes running to the camera. Text: Unteroffizier vor zwei Minuten aus brennendem Flugzeug abgesprungen" Soldiers pack parachute. Burning debris. Body, wreckage of the plane. Soldiers with steel helmets, nurse. Village, church towers. Officer reports General Rothkirch. Debris of a ruined house. Military vehicle drives very carefully over a narrow wooden bridge. Polish boys drive some cows and goats over country road. Refugees, horse cart, people sit on horse carts, child in the wagon. Text: "Feldküche auf Mine gefahren". Rothkirch in the open car looks at destroyed field kitchen, goulash. Trees knocked over by a detonation. Blown up bridge. Refugees on cart, horse cart, trek. Text: "Polen arbeiten beim Aufbau einer Brücke bei Schloß Antonin" Civilians work on the banks of a river, forced laborers. Poles sitting on the grass. INT, Antonin Castle, ravaged. Text: "Frau von Heydebrand erzählt von ihrer Verschleppung". Woman and two German officers. Sign "Poznan 103 km". Woman leads a horse pulling a POW. Polish village. Refugees, man carries big suitcase, refugees with children run along the roadside. fade to black

Text: “Wirkung von Fliegerbomben". Railway station Wrzesnia, windowpanes missing, railroad tracks bent and pointing to the sky, bombhole. Text: "Bahngleise vom Luftdruck in die Höhe geschleudert" Rothkirch inspects aircraft engine? bullet holes. Text: "Einzug in Posen" Houses decorated with swastika flags, soldiers, women and girls with bouquets, officers, including General Rothkirch and General Rudolf Veiel, in conversation. German invasion of Posen. Parade. Wehrmacht. Laughing young women with flowers. Machine guns. Supporters line the streets. After the parade: Rothkirch with an officer. Text: "An Stelle der zerstörten Telefonleitungen werden neue verlegt". Soldiers lay telephone cables. Text: "abgeschossener deutscher Bomber" downed German bomber lies in a meadow. Pilot's grave. fade to black

11:18:13 Rubble cleared, ruins, smoldering fire, church. 11:19:16 Monument to Belgian citizens shot dead in 1914. 11:19:55 English graveyards from the First World War at Cambrai. Pozieres British Cemetery and Memorial.

Film Title
HJ in Berlin
Event:  1938-1940
Berlin, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Agentur Karl Hoeffkes
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:20:42
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