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Trip to Norway and Denmark on steamer

Film | RG Number: RG-60.6988 | Film ID: 4381

Reel 8 of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records).

B/W. German troops, trombone in FG. Nazi party leaders review German troops. Pinning medals onto uniforms. CU, medal featuring crown and Iron Cross. German boards plane, CQ, propellers.

COLOR. Rugged scenery from ship, seagulls. This is likely the steamer (“Milwaukee”) that Eva Braun and her companions traveled on during a trip to Norway and Denmark. b/w - Fishing boat (short). Color - Scenes on and from deck of ship. Water surging from bow. “Hammerfest 1789” flag affixed to vehicle in the village of Hammerfest, Norway, locals in traditional dress celebrating the city's 150th anniversary on July 24, 1939. HAS of Hammerfest from hills above, women sit in the grass, ship anchored in harbor. CU, local women and others gathered for a festival. CU, baby, DeSoto hubcap. Street, ship with Norwegian flags. b/w - Café Nordkap. People walk across bridge. Eva Braun and two other women sitting on gravel, steep cliffs. Outdoor lavatory. Color - Onboard the ship, Eva and others relax on deck, “Milwaukee” lifesaver. Wildlife. Local Norewegians in colorful costumes. Eva holds puppy outside of teepee, festival. The visitors looking out at ship in water. Colorful sunset. Daytime, Eva and her companions walk on rocks, glacier, CUs of ice formations. More views of the rugged terrain from the steamer, seagulls, sunset from deck.

B/W. Band plays (short).

COLOR. HAS, people in swimming pool on steamer. People on deck, Eva and friends swim, others lounge in chairs.

B/W. Stewards pass out refreshments on deck (short). Color - More deck scenes. Passengers play frisbee and badminton. b/w – CU, woman's legs, playing ping pong.

COLOR. Man sitting on lifeboat reading. Man playing xylophone. Steward serving lobster on deck. Swimming in pool. Relaxing on deck chairs. Walking on promenade deck. b/w - Inside at a bar, friends drink and socialize. Color - Eva and others in deck chairs. More sports, badminton. Rough seas. Eva and another woman looking off deck. Water evaporates into clouds. b/w - Stream (short). Color - Water rushes down. Lush green hills. CU, woman poses on deck. Town. Nautical flags in the wind. HAS, friends in deck chairs bundled in blankets. Military soldier stands next to cannon.

Event:  1939 July
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:57
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