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Horse show

Film | RG Number: RG-60.6996 | Film ID: 4379

“Filmováno komorou Ciné Kodak OSM Na Panchro-Filmu Ciné Kodak OSM” A group of men on horseback entering a riding rink. 5 men sitting on a balcony, two of them are wearing Czechoslovak military uniforms, and while the person to the left of them seems to be a major politician (possibly president Benes?). Another group of horseback riders enter the rink, with two white horses leading. Two white horses are also in the rear of the group, and they in turn are followed by six men on what appear to be miniature cars. The horseback riders and the tractor riders line up in the center of the rink. The riders re-enter the stadium, only this time, they are organized so that two tractors are in between groups of three horseback riders, as they go around the circumference of the rink. More shots of the horses and tractors riding beside each other. President Benes sits on the balcony, now flanked by just two men: one in a military uniform, and the other in a suit and tie. The three men are seen talking amongst themselves. Pan, a group of men in military uniforms standing in the right hand corner of the President. Horseback riders and the tractors, many more shots of horseback riders doing stunts with their horses. Kodak logo.

Event:  June? 1939
Prague, Czechoslovakia
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Nancy Harper
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:37
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