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The Schiffer family visits Mohács

Film | Accession Number: 2019.127 | RG Number: RG-60.7005 | Film ID: 4383

The Schiffer family visits Mohács, Erzsébet’s hometown on the Danube, in summer 1932. (00:16) Adults and children in bathing suits. They swim in a wooden structure moored to the shore of the Danube. János and his mother, Erzsébet Schiffer. (01:29) János and his cousins play in Klári and János Molnar’s yard with a toy stroller and ball. (01:53) Nurse-maid (brief). The children play outdoors. (02:42) MS, Erzsébet's mother Jenny Tornai (nee Reicher) and Klári seated at an outdoor table, smile and nod for the camera. Three children sit at a table. The family group eats a meal. The three children sit on a bench with the nurse-maid. (04:14) More swimming in the Danube, children jump or dive into the water from the wooden rafts. (05:02) The children play on a swing in the Popper family’s yard, then play in the garden. Nice CUs of the children, kissing. (05:58) Erzsébet poses with her mother and sister Margit. Brief shot of János Schiffer (toddler) walking across yard.

(06:14) Courtyard of the family home (earlier than previous sequence). Peter Molnar in a sailor suit and his sister Anni with a doll, in March 1930. The children from Mohács take turns and walk towards camera. (06:57) Peter climbs a tree. (07:13) The children greet their uncle János Molnar. (07:18) The Poppers stand on the street, outside the entrance to their home in Mohács. MS, Sandor holds his daughter, Anni. (07:49) Margit with Eva in a stroller. (08:05) WS, Peter comes home from school with satchel, runs to parents when he notices them filming. (08:20) Father János cleans Peter’s face. (08:25) Nurse-maid and Eva Popper play with ball, around 1929, on the street outside their home. They also play with a child-sized parasol. Anni sits in the window with her grandmother, and plays ball with cousin Eva. (09:37) János (elder) sits on a stool reading paper, walks towards the camera. The children and family continue to play on the street, and look at photographs. (10:28) Pan, landscape, filmed from train. City scenes and countryside. (11:36) Child Anni sits outside her home reading a book. An older girl plays ball. Grandmother looks out the window, and talks with the family. The three women look at photographs; children play ball.

(13:45) MS, the young couple, Erzsébet and Ernö, on a steam-boat trip on the Danube, around 1929. Views from the boat, trees along shore. (15:00) Child in sailor uniform. (15:06) Margit Popper and Klári Molnar hold Margit’s daughter, Eva Popper (born 1927). Family members gather in the garden (quick shots), including Tornai grandmother Jenny, Ernö, and Sandor Popper. (15:51) End “Danubius Pathé Baby Budapest”

Event:  1929-1932
Budapest, Hungary
Mohács, Hungary
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of John Schiffer
Record last modified: 2021-10-21 12:21:58
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