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Sąd Grodzki w Żyrardowie (Sygn. 1747) : Wybrane materialy

Document | Accession Number: 2020.194.1 | RG Number: RG-15.815

Selected files of the records of the Sąd Grodzki w Żyrardowie. Contains so-called “Zg" records, cases of establishing someone as deceased, issuing birth, death and marriage certificates. or applying for inheritance rights, Includes also a list of seized properties.

Records of "Zg" relate to declaring someone dead or issuing a death certificate. This includes persons who perished during the Soviet or, mainly, Nazi occupation: either including persons arrested by Soviets or Germans, deported to the USSR or the Third Reich, sent to concentration camps, murdered in ghettos or in other places of extermination. The files (approximately 5-20 pages) contain an application declaring the death of a person, testimonies of witnesses filled out on standard forms, correspondence and sentences of the court. That entry enabled one to submit a request to find a person who was presumed deceased no earlier than the beginning of 1946. The remaining files relate to records of possession.
The law determined those who could be determined deceased (The law: Article 14, section 1):“Those who perished while participating in military operations can be declared deceased within a year after the end of the calendar year in which the military operations were over. The law also refers to persons who perished while in the area under military operations if, according to the circumstances, it was likely that it was connected with these operations or under threat of life.”

Alternate Title
Selected records of the Court of the First Instance in Żyrardów
inclusive:  1945-1950
4,545 digital images : PDF.
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