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American professors in Hamburg, 1939

Film | Accession Number: 2020.209 | RG Number: RG-60.7154 | Film ID: 4492

The harbor in Hamburg, many people walking around, probably in late Fall 1939. Professor Wm. Schaeffer (the man in a bowtie and trench coat) walks out of a store and down the street. (0.43) Boats sail on the water. (1:32) A family of three walks down the street, and greets Schaeffer. (2:24) People get onto “Hamburg-Amerika Linie” ship. Crew members lean outside a service hatch to watch. (3.14) The back of the boat says: “Robert Ley- hamburg.” Robert Ley was a cruise ship for the Nazi Party, first commssioned in March 1939. (3:50) Schaeffer walks towards town center, then back towards the camera. (4:21) Different boats of all sizes in the harbor. (5:30) CU of men looking at the boats. (6:03) Hein Godenwind ship (German navy). Several people are standing on the deck of the ship. (6:44) Schaeffer poses in front of a massive cruise ship. (8:32) Lakefront with a circular pier, possibly Alster Lake. (9:42) Plane flies overhead.

(10:35) A snowy area. A deer is looking intently at the camera. People are wearing long, thick looking coats as they walk by. (11:10) Empty bell tower overlooks a city. Snowy city from high above. (11:58) Trams quickly go by a city center as people rush by. (12:48) Schaeffer walks away and towards the camera on the street. A tram to “Othmarschen” passes. (13:35) A small boat filled with people is getting ready to set sail. Steam. (14:37) The boat Sud Amerika II goes by. (15:06) A waterfront, with benches and on the side. Someone is fishing. (16:10) Different people walk by, smile, and/or pose for the camera. (19:16) A view of the city from the water. Schaeffer poses. (20:20) Someone is on a small sailboat on the water. (20:50) A boat passes by with a swastika flag on the back. (23:55) Children are playing on the ground. Different people pose, smile, and talk in front of the camera.

Event:  Fall? 1939
Hamburg, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Metro Theatre Center Foundation
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:51:10
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