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Private film of Nazi officers' party in occupied France

Film | Accession Number: 2020.209 | RG Number: RG-60.7155 | Film ID: 4493

Handmade title card: “Referat Film der Propaganda-Abteilung Frankreich.” [Film section of the Propaganda Department of France.] Title card: “Am Mittwoch den Mai 14 1941” [Wednesday, May 14, 1941] On this day, roughly 3600 Jewish men were arrested and forced from their homes in Paris. "PAF" INTs, formal event/party. Nazis from the Propaganda-Abteilung Frankreich in uniform sitting around, the focus is on two men in particular, one who is wearing circular glasses. (1:44) Title card: “Der Kontra-punkt” [The counterpoint.] Back of bald-headed Nazi. Men and women are sitting around a large room, talking and smoking. There are many pots of flowers. (3:04) A woman with dark brown hair and a top with zig-zag lines on it laughs and smiles at the camera. (3:14) One of the Nazis from before is holding a movie camera, taking film of a woman next to him. (4:47) A stage is set up for the crowd with different acts performing. Two people are doing magic tricks. Someone else is playing the piano, a painting of Hitler is behind him. Two men are doing acrobatics. A woman is singing, with the painting of Hitler behind her. (7:15) A Nazi soldier and a woman with a large flower headband sit and talk in front of the Nazi flag. (11:30) The two Nazis rom the beginning of the film are talking, smoking, drinking martinis. (13:21) Title card: “Bilder Ohne Worte” [Pictures without words.] Groups of people talking, laughing, smoking, making faces at whoever is behind the camera. (15:58) A bald soldier is holding a camera, one of his friends jokingly rubs their hand over his head. (17:21) A woman makes faces at the camera, smokes a cigarette, then blows a kiss. (18:52) Title card: “Ende”

Event:  1941 May
Paris, France
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Metro Theatre Center Foundation
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:41:53
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