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American visits Vienna during the Anschluss and tours Germany (color)

Film | Accession Number: 2020.209 | RG Number: RG-60.7160 | Film ID: 4498

An American visits Vienna in March 1938. City street with telephone booth. Bridge in BG, someone steps into the phone booth. Belvedere palace and sprawling garden with the city in the distance. A long line of Jewish people, most likely attempting to obtain visas to exit the country in March 1938. “Jüdisches Geschäft” [Jewish Business] sign on shop. Narrow street with swastika flags on some of the buildings. The Ankeruhr clock on Hohen Markt street. Nazis in uniform line up in a square. Swastika flags in different shapes hang at the Heldenplatz where Hitler announced the Anschluss on March 15, 1938. (3:50) Municipal housing complex Karl-Marx-Hof in Heiligenstadt, in the 19th district of Vienna. "Heiligenstadterhof” on side of building. Posters of Hitler pasted onto a pillar in downtown Vienna: “Ein Volk- Ein Reich- Ein Führer!“ Nazis gathered on stairwell in front of Heldendenkmal at the Heldenplatz (on the right hand side of the Äussere Burgtor). The men in uniform pose with a gentleman in civilian clothing wearing a red armband Maria-Theresien-Platz (between the Kunsthistorische Museum and Naturhistorische Museum). Burgtheater. Local Austrians walking, resting on benches in the Volksgarten.Two men can be seen sitting on a bench at the Ringstrasse, across from the Parliament. Dark shot of a statue at the Austrian Parliament building on the Ringstrasse. Parade on the streets below (filmed from window), marching band, Nazis, cars.

(7:07) In a new location, memorial monument dug down into the earth with wreathes, stone engravings of soldiers. River view. Bronzed coffins. Nazi guards, civilians walk by and give the Hitler salute.

(8:45) LS, courtyard or steet with pillared structure, pedestrians. Timber. Church, ivy-covered stone wall. (10:00) Outdoor market, merchants selling wares, tables filled with books, toys, jewelry, clothing. Murals painted on facades.Townhouses with pointed roofs in a row. Square, "Stadtwaage" sign on building. (12:22) Sign with arrows:“Dillingen” and “Nuernberg”. Farmer, village. (13:06) Archway in Dillingen, street views. Ornate gate/museum. Soldiers painted on building facades. Sign reads “Dinkelsbühl.”

(15:28) Reel change. Church in square, street scenes in Dinkelsbuehl. Local with ladder. Wagon. (18:12) Sign reads “Rothenburg o/T.” The landscape of a hilly town and a wall around part of the city. Snowy. (20:04) “Ansbach Stadtkreis” sign. “Stadt der Reichsparteitage Nürnberg” sign. [City of the Nazi Party Nuremberg] Ornate fountain in the Hauptmarkt in Nuremberg. Market with flowers, fruits. Sign explaining where things are in the city. Street views, hotel, no parking sign. Sign reads “Pforzheim.” River. Houses on the side of a mountain, forests. Courtyard. "Der Deutscher Geist" on building. Guard house and a bridge. Boats travelling along a river. (27:35) Sign reads “Wiesbaden Stadtkreis” Fountain and garden. Empty chairs set up in front of an outdoor stage with a cover. Parade with Nazis (brief). Some buildings with swastika flags. More boats. Overview of gangplank, passengers, luggage, sailors on boat.

Event:  March 1938
Event:  approximately 1938
Nuremberg, Germany
Wiesbaden, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Dinkelsbuehl, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Metro Theatre Center Foundation
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:04:51
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