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Jews in Budapest during the German occupation, Autumn 1944

Film | Accession Number: 2021.89 | RG Number: RG-60.7171 | Film ID: 4509

A film by József Herczog. As an amateur filmmaker, Herczog filmed the streets of Budapest during the German occupation of Hungary in autumn 1944 and captured a record of his salon business, the dedication of the bomb shelter in cellar of the “yellow star house” where he lived and over 50% of the tenants were Jewish, Hungarian soldiers, an evacuation, and bomb damage.

Title card: “Filmezte es osszeallitotta: Herczog Jozsef fodraszmester” Title card: drawing of Danube and Parliament with handwritten “BUDAPEST”. Herczog's salon at Thököly street 22 (Hernád street) in Budapest. Baross Square. Street cars and pedestrians near and next to the "yellow star" residence, including Herczog's salon at 01:01:05. Block of stores at street level, and later, looking down from an upper floor, as shops open for business. Stores include Krayer household items, “chocolate candies”, “Herczeg Fodor…” (Herczog's salon), “Pek Cukrasz”, and a bank. Hungarian soldiers nearby at the armory (in a school next to the residence). Sign behind with arrow: “Ovohelyhe". Man opens iron door entrance to the bomb shelter of the building.

01:02:16 Bomb shelter dedication sequence taking place during the daytime in the Jewish section of the shelter as it had the largest room (Herczog brought in lighting for filming the event). Scenes show the altar with the Jews’ belongings, such as Sabbath candlesticks and a carpet from the Lindenblatt family. A priest performs the ceremony with the building's occupants seated. Both Jews wearing stars of David and non-Jews attend, including Dr. Shashonyi (? spelling), three boys Yehuda, Robert, and George with their non-Jewish maid, Herczog (01:05:46) and his wife (01:05:07).

People exit the below-ground shelter onto the street after an air-raid, carrying suitcases, radios, blankets, and more items. Quick view of people walking across the balcony of an upper floor. Small boy in the courtyard.

Bomb damage from airstrikes around Budapest. 01:07:23 Title card: "Légitámadás az Ulloi-úton" 01:07:48 "Marton utcai legitamadas" People dig in the middle of a street. Includes shots of József Nádor Square (01:08:50) and the József Attila Street intersection (01:09:04), Dorottya street? (01:09:13), Kálvin Square – Üllői Avenue intersection (Wallenberg’s office) (01:12:17), Vámház Boulevard intersection (01:12:21), Kálvin Square (01:12:27), Erzsébet/Elisabeth bridge - Pest side (01:12:35), Aranykéz street (01:12:49), Keleti railway station (01:12:54), Lánchíd/Chainbridge (01:14:21), and Kossuth Square (01:16:31).

Film Collection Title
Paul Lindenblatt Collection
Event:  1944 August
Budapest, Hungary
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Zoltán Mink and Museum of Jewish Heritage
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:05:20
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