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Dr. Aharon Pick hosts a dinner for the Jewish dramatist Nathan (Bistritski) Agmon, who is visiting from Palestine.

Photograph | Photograph Number: 97210

Dr. Aharon Pick hosts a dinner for the Jewish dramatist Nathan (Bistritski) Agmon, who is visiting from Palestine.

Dr. Pick is pictured seated, fourth from the left.

Haia Nudel (b.1928) is the daughter of Gitta and Leib Nudel of Siauliai, Lithuania, where Leib worked at the railway station. Haia had two brothers, Mordechai (b.1930) and Yaakov (b.1933). Soon after the German occupation of the city in the summer of 1941, Haia's father was killed. The rest of the family was forced into the ghetto. When her brother, Mordechai, attempted to escape, he was shot and killed. The remainder of the family stayed in the ghetto until its liquidation in the summer of 1944. At that time they were all deported to the Stutthof concentration camp. Only Haia survived. After the war, Haia made her way to Germany, where she lived for a time in the Foehrenwald DP camp. In the fall of 1946, she joined a group of would-be immigrants to Palestine who attempted to run the British blockade aboard the Latrun. The ship, however, was intercepted and its passengers deported to Cyprus. Haia spent nine months in Cyprus detention camps before being allowed to enter Palestine in May, 1947.

David Pick (b.1922) is the son of Deborah Tatz and Dr. Aharon Pick of Siauliai, Lithuania. In addition to his medical practice, David's father was active in Jewish cultural life. The family hosted many visiting Jewish cultural figures. During the war David's father succumbed to illness while living in the Siauliai ghetto. His mother survived the ghetto but perished in the Stutthof concentration camp. David managed to flee the ghetto shortly before its liquidation. He was hidden by a Lithuanian priest for three weeks before the area was liberated. After the war David became a guide for the Bricha, leading groups of Jewish survivors on routes to the west. David immigrated to Palestine in 1948. There, he met Haia Nudel and the two were married in 1949.

1930 - 1940
Siauliai, Lithuania
Variant Locale
Photo Credit
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Haia Nudel Pick
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