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A joint birthday party for cousins Shula and Yaffa Sonenson in Eisiskes.

Photograph | Photograph Number: 39123

A joint birthday party for cousins Shula and Yaffa Sonenson in Eisiskes.

Pictured in the back row from right to left are: Hannkeh Tawlitski, Elisha Koppelman, Shalom and Miriam Sonenson (the hosts of the party), Shmuel Sonenson; Hayyim Tawlitski and Meir Sonenson. In the front row from right to left are: Shaul Replianski, Yaffa and Yitzhak Sonenson, Sheinke Dwilanski, Benyamin, Gittele, Shula Sonenson and Leahke Tawlitski. Hanging on the wall is a photograph of Miriam Sonenson's parents and a painting of Jerusalem flanked by marble reliefs of Theodor Herzl and Nahman Hayim Bialik. Of those pictured only Shalom, Yitzhak and Yaffa Sonenson survived. Elisha Koppelman was killed by members of the Polish Home Army; Gittele died from tuberculosis in the Korkuc pit; Miriam and Shula were killed by Germans during an action in the Radun ghetto. The others were killed by the Germans during the September 1941 mass shooting action in Eisiskes.

Ben-Zion Szrejder
May 1941
Variant Locale
Photo Credit
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of The Shtetl Foundation
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