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Dinner speakers: John Eisenhower, Claire Booth Luce, and others

Film | RG Number: RG-60.3812 | Film ID: 2654

John Eisenhower speaks at podium; dinner event. Speaks as a witness of the liberation of Buchenwald. Describes April 12-13, 1945, when Pres. Roosevelt died. His father's reaction was even stronger to visiting Ohrdruf. Reads quotation from Gen. Eisenhower's letter to Gen. George Marshall describing the visit. (Quotation in Permanent Exhibition and on Museum exterior). 10:27:10 Mark Talisman introduces Claire Booth Luce, who speaks slowly and dramatically, refers to Nordhausen. 10:35:45 Mark Talisman introduces Belgian, Andre Mernier. Speaks in French. 10:39:35 Introduction Charles Mills (Drury?) from Canada. 10:45:15 Czech Minister Eduard Kukan, speaks in English. One of the youngest heads of delegations here. Refers to liberation and preservation of Theresienstadt. 10:52:00 From Denmark, the Hon. Frode Jakobsen, in English. Speaks of Danish efforts to protect Jewish compatriots. Of rescue, of resistance in Denmark. Moral issues. "It is dangerous for a people not to fight against what it recognizes as evil." "We had to stand up and fight, with fear in our hearts." "Moral indignation was the true origin of the Danish resistance, and nothing created....such anger as the persecution of our good compatriots, the Jews." 10:59:30 Applause. From France, Minister Jean Tourain, speaks in French. 11:07:10 New Zealand: Capt. L. J. Tempero, in uniform with much gold braid. Naval officer. No New Zealand troops as such were involved in the liberation of any camp. Close ties with England, Great Britain, a large number of New Zealanders served in the British Army, and were involved. 11:12:05 Prof. de Jong, the Dutch delegation consists of 2 Jewish survivors of Auschwitz, a non-Jewish survivor who helped arrange the uprising at the gas chambers, president of the Dutch Auschwitz Association, and several historians. "The Holocaust was not -- I repeat, not -- a unique event in mankind's recent history." 70 years ago, the Armenians. One million were wiped out by the Turks.

Event:  October 1981
Production:  1981
Washington, DC, United States
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Record last modified: 2023-04-11 10:25:52
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