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Closing ceremony

Film | RG Number: RG-60.3868 | Film ID: 2672

The concluding ceremony continues with Elie Wiesel presenting liberators medals to: Brig. Gen. Gray of Britain; Lt. Col. Ariech Pinchuk of the Jewish Brigade; Prof. Dr. Louis de Jong of the Netherlands; Capt. L. J. Tempero of New Zealand; The Hon. Trygve Bratelli of Norway; Brig. Gen. Franciszek Skibinski of Poland; Lt. Gen. Pavel Danilovich Gudz of the USSR; Col. Branko Pavolic of Yugoslavia. 01:18:27 Speaker explains the medals and where they will be kept. Presents medal on behalf of members of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council to Elie Wiesel. 01:20:11 Staff are thanked. Suggests that Wiesel be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize the following year.

01:22:25 Dr. Leo Eitinger is introduced. Thanks the creators of the conference, the liberators, and for having restored the belief in humanity. (p. 196 "Liberation of Camps")

01:33:41 Elie Wiesel is introduced. He talks about the first book he wrote about the war, suffering humanity, evil. Describes being in a hospital in Buna, Auschwitz, and the humanity of the doctor (Leo Eitinger). Describes his fear of this conference failing. Talks of the harmony of the conference, the fact that there were no tensions. Describes coming to terms with the abnormality of death after the camps. "So, I was afraid maybe we will cry" - another fear of the conference. 01:45:40 Talks about not being bitter or vengeful, not needing to go to lunatic asylums for being depressed. Wants to meet again. Talks of there being a reason to justify gratitude. (p. 198 "Liberation of Camps")

The panel adjourns, people mingle, CU of a certificate.

Event:  10/28/1981
Production:  1981
Washington, DC, United States
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:45:51
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